Take Initiative: Our CEO’s Tips for Building Your Career

On June 25, interns and recent grads gathered at AOL HQ for the FindSpark + AOL Welcome to NYC Bash. FindSpark’s CEO and Founder, Emily Miethner, shared her career insights.

FindSpark + AOL Bash

Emily Miethner, Founder of FindSpark, & Lauren Bloch, College Recruiter at AOL.

“You can do everything right – good grades, internships while in school, etc. – and still not have a job after graduation.”

Emily graduated from college with no job, and now she runs her own company. It is okay to not have a full-time job upon graduation. Finding and landing your first full-time job after college takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and networking, but it is not impossible.

Emily landed her first job two months after graduation, doing social media at a publishing company after having networked a ton and doing a lot of hard work.

“Networking is not grimy and cheesy.”

Build connections with the people you meet everywhere – at work, social events, networking events, even at church. You never know who you could meet or when. You just may end up collaborating with them in the future!



“You don’t need to ask permission to build your own brand and get noticed.”

Emily pointed out that at FindSpark, we take the negativity out of the job hunt and replace it with empowerment and optimism. In today’s job market, we are so fortunate for all of the tools that we have at our disposal. She explained that you don’t need to ask permission to find and follow your passion. Today, you can take ownership of your career development by mapping out your dream job on LinkedIn or building your own website.

“Be the closer.”

Emily shared that being able to end a conversation at a networking event is a crucial skill to have. Concluding these conversations can be difficult and awkward, but you need to end on a strong note. She suggested that the best way to do this is to introduce the person you are talking to, to someone else you met at the event.

What skills have helped you most in taking your career to the next level? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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