Take Action: Career Tips from The Huffington Post’s Managing Editor

This summer, thousands of students and recent grads came to New York to start new internships and jobs. At FindSpark + AOL’s Welcome to NYC Bash, the Huffington Post’s Managing Editor, Kate Palmer, shared her actionable career tips for getting where you want to be.


“Look at the companies that really interest you and apply to work there.”

Look at the magazines you read, your favorite websites, and the apps you like to use. Apply to work for companies whose mission you’re passionate about. Your genuine enthusiasm is exactly what you need to help you land the job!

“You don’t need to go to the biggest and the best.”

One of the jobs that taught Kate the most was at a small company when she was just starting out. She explained she got to do everything there, and that is where she learned to be a editor.

“Follow you heart and passion.”

There is no real set path; you have to make opportunities happen for you. Do something that is part of a mission you believe in, and make the most of the opportunities that are given to you.

“Say yes to as much as possible.”

Be open to meeting people different from those inside your immediate circle. Go to an event you might not normally want to attend. Meet as many people as possible. Go on every coffee date and informational interview you can. Networking is everything! There’s nothing like doing things the old fashioned way – meeting someone in person and word of mouth referrals.

Be willing to get in there and do it; get your hands dirty! Don’t be above anything; even the most seemingly insignificant task may lead to more opportunities that align with what you actually want to be doing.

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Pay attention to what  people and what they want or need. Be really observant and pay attention to social cues. Pick up on things that other people miss, and you’ll stand out above the rest.

“Manage your expectations.”

Go into internship and treat it like a full-time job. Then if it becomes a full-time job, there is not much of a transition. Be responsible and treat your company and colleagues with respect.

And lastly,

“Be yourself – your fun, true, authentic self.”

When someone is thinking about hiring you, they’re not just thinking about your experience and ability to do the job. They want to hire someone that they would gladly eat Chinese takeout with late at night. Be yourself and you can be that person!

What drives you to be successful? Share your favorite career inspiration in the comments.


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