#FindSpark Conference Employer Kit

Employer Kit

We’re very excited to have your teams participate at our #FindSpark Conference Opportunity Mixer on Friday, November 13th, 3:30-6:30 PM!

Please take a moment to read through the details below and let us know if you have any questions.

Arrival time: 3pm. Mixer starts at 3:30pm, please plan on staying until 6:30pm. A volunteer will greet you and take you to check in at the Speaker Greenroom upon arrival.

Venue: Columbia University Faculty House, 64 Morningside Dr, New York, NY 10027. Off the 116st – Columbia University stop on the 1 train. (map)

Number of Attendees: 300+ attendees will pass through the event. Please be sure to bring the appropriate amount of literature, swag, etc.

Contact: Feel free to call or text Andrea Velázquez / andrea@findspark.com, 787.508.0711

We aim to make all our events way more fun, comfortable, and productive than normal career fair events. Feel free to be fun and out of the box as well. Bring the office pet, a bowl of candy, and silly giveaways. Of course, just being there with your opportunities is fantastic as well.

We encourage digital connecting as well, so be sure to have your reps join our app and use the hashtag #FindSpark before, during, and after!

Event Format

  • Attendees will come after the panel sessions have ended to begin mingling.
  • Attendees will have stickers on their name tags denoting if they are looking for internships, FT roles, or both.
  • Each company will have:
    • One designated table
    • Tent name cards (which notes if you’re looking for interns, FT, or both)
    • Name tags for all reps

Before the event:

  • Send us your your opportunities and we’ll list them on our job board (unlimited free listings are included in your package up until January 1, 2016).
  • Join our event app or download Bizzabo from the App Store and search for FindSpark. Let us know if you’d like your company or rep information adjusted in any way. You can use this to find and mark people you meet as leads.
  • Get involved on Twitter. The event hashtag is #FindSpark.

Recommended things to bring:

  • Literature about your opportunities (one sheet for each, or all on one page)
  • Business cards
  • Signage, table clothes with your logo, banners, etc
  • A laptop to display your website, videos, etc

After the Event:

  • Fill out our surveys. After the event we’ll have a quick paper survey for you to fill out, in addition to 2 online surveys after the event. Keep a lookout so we can stay in touch about how it went for you.
  • Browse through the digital resume book. We’ll send this before and after the event. It will include resumes from attendees for reference and to help build your pipeline.

Sample Social Media Posts:



  • We’re hiring and we want to meet you! Look for us on Friday, Nov 13th at the #FindSpark Conference: bit.ly/1MXW5gZ
  • Want to work with us? We’re recruiting at the #FindSpark Conference on Friday, Nov 13th. We’ll see you there! bit.ly/1MXW5gZ

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