First Time Fashion Fears, Part 2: Steph Leke

Statement jewelry is a great way to get noticed. This week, NY Creative Intern Steph Leke shares her tips about avoiding first time fashion fears:

I’ve gotten extremely lucky when it comes to dressing for work.  Back in the day, I was more likely to be a little overdressed versus underdressed.  Over time, one of the skills I learned was how to dress in layers.  By layers I mean putting together a look that straddles the line between dressy and casual.  Often, adding or removing one simple piece can take a look from dressed down to dressed up.

One way I’ve avoided feeling over or underdressed on the first day has been by doing my research.  We’re all guilty of googling our potential bosses or coworkers to get a bit of an inside scoop as to what to expect.  Adding the style component into the equation takes a bit of the pressure off.  If all else fails, asking is the best way to clarify any uncertainty when it comes to style dos and don’ts in the workplace.

Article of clothing/accessory to help stand out at work:ÉS%20AND%20PYRAMID-SHAPED%20STONES

A statement necklace is a must have for two reasons:

1. Depending on how it’s styled, it’s the perfect way to dress up or
down a look instantly (dressing in layers!)

2. It’s a great way to add a bit of fun and personality to a look.

Thanks to Steph Leke for her story and tips. Stay tuned for more First Time Fashion Fears.

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