Five Poignant Lessons from the Movie 9 to 5

The classic 9 to 5 is quirky comedy about three over worked women who decide to seek revenge against their tyrannical boss. The movie is filled with sharp dialogue, crazy scenarios, and estrogen-filled morality. However, despite its outrageous plot, a lot can be learned from the film when it comes to dealing with co-workers and most importantly knowing your self worth.

Lessons from the film 9 to 5

Preparation makes perfect. In the film, the heroine, Judy, comes into her new job as secretary clueless and unsure of what exactly her job requirements entail. Whether you’re starting a new internship or job, it’s important that you have an idea of what you will be doing.  This will give you an upper hand when you start your position.

Acknowledge that mistakes happen. On her first day Judy receives a scolding from her new boss, because she made a mistake involving a copy machine.  Repeat after me, “I will make mistakes. I am only human.” As an intern you are not expected to know everything right away. Remember that internships are supposed to be a learning experience.

You are nobody’s door mat. The bubbly blonde, Doralee, is subjugated to the harassing behavior of the chauvinistic boss, Mr. Hart. This film was set in the ’80s so the same type of harassment may not be prevalent today, but don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and speak up. In the least, ask a friend, parent or someone from your school for advice.

Friends make the world go ’round. Female solidarity is an important theme of 9 to 5. Though you’re not expected to be friends with everyone at your internship, it’s important that you are open to meeting new people and making connections that you might need later on down the road. A fellow NY Creative Intern, Audrey, goes into detail about friends and work in her internship experience.

The importance of setting boundaries. The character Violet is the perfect example of an over worked employee who doesn’t receive any acknowledgment for her work. We’re hearing more and more stories of interns suing companies for over working them with little or no benefits. In fact, we covered the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine lawsuit earlier this year. You can also learn more about work-life balance from a more recent post.

NY Creative Interns 9 to 5

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Bottom line? Avoid being this guy.

Naturally, we don’t encourage anyone to seek revenge with unruly co-workers or bosses. But we do have your best interests at heart.

What’s your favorite professional or career-related film, and what did it teach you?

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