Five ways to create a stand out LinkedIn profile

With over 150 million users world wide and over 93% percent of recruiters claiming they have used LinkedIn to help find qualified candidates, a strong LinkedIn profile can be a valuable resource when looking for new internships, job openings, networking opportunities and more.

On Monday September 10th at the Wix Lounge, NY Creative Interns Vice President Marny Smith shared some valuable tips and tricks to rock your online resume using LinkedIn. Biggest tip of the night? Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. Most users understand the importance of adding your previous experience, education history, and current employment status to your LinkedIn profile. But here are five other valuable strategies that can make your LinkedIn profile stand out to possible employers, co-workers and valuable connections.

1. Add a profile photo. When choosing a photo select a clear, high resolution image of just yourself. Ideally you’d want a recruiter to recognize you during a job interview thanks to your profile image.  Make sure the picture is centered and well cropped. If possible, select a photo in which you are wearing somewhat professional attire. (Not a t-shirt).

2. Write a summary. The summary sits right below your profile image and headline info. Unlike the rest of your profile, which is similar to a resume, your can inject personality into your summary. Share what you’re interested in and key experience and skills that make you a valuable asset.

3. Create a vanity URL. At the bottom of your main header box on LinkedIn you will see a small hyperlink  you can use to link directly to your personal profile. LinkedIn gives you a random combination of characters in your hyperlink to begin with, so change the link to your full name or something similar when editing your profile. This link will be easier to share and remember.

NY Creative Interns working on their LinkedIn pages

4. Ask for recommendations. LinkedIn suggests having one recommendation for ever past position you’ve had. Don’t be shy about asking colleagues or clients for a recommendation, many are happy to do it. Start asking for recommendations now, even if you aren’t looking for a new opportunity. Though it might sound like a good idea, try to avoid recommendation swaps. Viewers of your profile can see not only your recommendations, but who you’ve recommended in the past.

5. Use Keywords. LinkedIn uses keywords to compile search results. Keywords can be picked up from your headline, position title, specialties, interests, and groups. If you keep consistency in your title and interests (for example, a Social Media Strategiest should try to include the keyword ‘Social Media’ in all of these locations) you’ll find yourself appearing higher in search results for your keyword.

Have you experienced any great success stories using LinkedIn to leverage opportunities or build connections? If so, let us know in the comments below. And be sure to view Marny’s entire slideshow from the class.

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