Four Clutch Tips from Four Inspirational Artists

Here’s a nice little pre- Etsy recap teaser piece…more photos, longer write up, and video coming soon!

When you find someone (a mentor) who understands you and your passions, never let go of that person; hold on to them throughout your entire career.

Katherine Barna of Tumblr

Make sure you are investing time in digital platforms that play to your strengths.

Ruben Quinones of Path Interactive

Put yourself in situations where luck will find you.

Jacob Krupnick of Girl Walk // All Day

I’d rather only send five emails and get five responses. Do your homework and ask meaningful questions.

Parris Whittingham, Wedding Photographer


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Special thanks to Bryan Ridgell for filming our event…we asked last minute and were so pumped he could work with us! Stay tuned for a sweet little video!

Did you go?! Let me know what you thought/enjoyed the most from the night in the comments!


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