Get Experience On Your Own Terms: Use Outside Experiences to Build Your Career

From blogging to volunteering, there are tons of ways to boost your career outside of your 9 to 5. Learn how our panelists maximized outside experiences to move ahead in their careers.

Afriyie Amankwaa

Corporate Administrative Assistant
The Madison Square Garden Company
Afriyie “Free” Amankwaa is a Multimedia journalist and recent graduate of Rutgers University. She also studied under NBC News Veteran Producer Joe Alicastro at the New York Film Academy with responsibilities including several live shoots such as NBC News’s “Education Nation.” Free is a member of the National Association of Black Journalist and has conducted several high profile interviews with U.S.senator Cory Booker and Grammy nominee Bilal just to name a few. She currently works at the Madison Square Garden Company.

Briana Campbell
Briana Campbell

Digital and Social Media Strategist
Briana is a social media strategist and digital strategist, obsessed with our ever-changing use of social media platforms as tools to connect people and to make lives better and richer. She loves the challenge of educating people on the use of these platforms and the process of marketing with social media. She is very excited to see the adoption of social media platforms as they evolve from something that only computer programming nerds or teenagers were using to communicate to being widely utilized and accepted by people from all walks of life. Briana is also the co-founder of Work It Brooklyn.

Priyanka Prakash
Account Management Lead

Janelle Grace
Publicity Coordinator

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