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NowThis, a video network dedicated to producing news for mobile devices and social streams is a born-online media distribution company. NowThis processes news in short form videos that are fun to watch and easy to digest.

NowThis makes videos for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, Youtube, Android, and Apple mobile devices. It is the first and only video news network built for people who love their phones and social media.

Representatives from NowThis will be at Hustle Summit on Friday, January 29th to network and recruit talent for their ever-growing team of engineers, designers and product managers including their Social Publisher, Editorial Producer, and Writer/Publisher – Emerging Media positions.

Want to know how to get a job at NowThis? Versha Sharma, Managing Editor at NowThis, shared some meaningful insights with us into how one should apply to get a job at NowThis.

NowThis is Hiring!

What can applicants do to stand out when applying for a position at your company?

Versha: Have a distinct voice in your applications. We pride ourselves on being a news organization that stands out in your newsfeed because of our collective voice: smart, funny, and unapologetic. We’re looking for candidates who can match that with authenticity. We’re also a company that publishes directly to social media, so yes, we will be looking for your (public) social media accounts! Don’t make us hunt—include your Twitter handle (or Tumblr/other social media handle you’re proud of) on your resume so we know you’re not afraid to show it.

What is your best piece of advice for an applicant?

Versha: Do your research on the company you’re applying to and make sure you know ahead of time which role would be your strongest fit. If that particular role doesn’t seem to exist, create one and pitch yourself for it. NowThis is an extremely creative, supportive and collaborative environment, and there’s room to grow pretty much any which way you can imagine. People who take initiative and who are self-starters are the ideal candidates for helping this company grow.

What’s the most memorable thing an applicant has done to stand out?

Versha: Since we are a video company, a lot of applicants have recently begun sending us video cover letters. If you can nail the NowThis editing style in your application, that’s amazing! If you’re a writer who attempts video just for this application, that’s also amazing. Initiative and creativity are as important as technical skill, and we always appreciate the extra effort.

What makes a candidate stand out to you when you meet them at an event?

Versha: Confidence and humor. When people approach us with knowledge of NowThis, and the impact that social video has on the media market, we’re impressed.

NowThis News

What makes an application stand out to you online?

Versha: Voice and humor, and an established social media trail of good, smart content.

How should a candidate prep to interview at your company?

Versha: We are a distributed media company, the first of its kind, that publishes content across multiple platforms. Check out each one of these platforms and come with suggestions for areas of improvement, whether that’s visual or editorial style.

What’s the worst thing a candidate could do when applying to or interviewing at your company?

Versha: Make a typo in your cover letter ;)


Thanks to Versha Sharma for answering questions on behalf of the NowThis team.


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