4 Gifts Young Pros Actually Want for the Holidays

Instead of debating between what color sweater a friend may prefer or which gift card to get someone, try gifting some career preparation instead. Whether its for a college student, recent grad, or someone who just needs a career pick-me-up, there are plenty of gifts you can get for the young pro in your life.

FindSpark holiday present

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During the holiday season, it can be a challenge to find the right present for someone. Instead of wasting money on something they’ll never use, try investing in items that can build upon and aid someone in their career path.

Business Cards


Business cards are a professional and beneficial piece of personal information to share with peers and connections at networking events and in everyday situations.

Many young pros think they need to have a job to have business cards, or that they’re only useful in certain fields, so they don’t make the investment themselves. But these cards can be used universally for all career fields.

They act as a statement piece to represent yourself as a person and what you have to offer in the field you want to pursue. The design of your card can be simple and sincere, but it can sometimes be cool to customize your own online. If you want to give your friend some room to play around, try getting them a gift card for a service like Moo.com so they can easily design and order their own cards.

FindSpark Premium Membership

FindSpark Premium Membership

FindSpark General Membership is totally free. But if you want to help someone take an extra step forward, FindSpark Premium Membership will give them access to exclusive perks like 50% off FindSpark events, the FindMentorship program, premium content, free movie screenings, and more.

Learn more about gifting FindSpark Premium Membership here.

Tickets to Networking & Recruiting Events

Going to events is a great investment that young pros can make in their careers. FindSpark hosts events year-round, like Hustle Summit, an epic networking event for people who hate networking events.

Give your friend the opportunity to meet BuzzFeed, SocialCode, Univision, Hachette, Madison Square Garden, Blue Apron, HBO, and more incredible companies that are looking for interns and entry-level talent. They’ll also have the chance to meet future mentors and new friends who will help them throughout their careers.

Learn more about giving Hustle Summit for the holidays here.

Business Attire

At any networking, interview, or professional business event, it’s vital to “dress to impress.” Dressing well shows employers that you’re serious, gives them a sense of your personality, and makes you to feel more confident. We recommend business casual for our events.

This holiday season, you could go on a shopping spree with the person you’re giving this awesome gift to, or give a gift card for a store where they could find professional attire. Having presentable but comfortable and expressive clothing can help you stand out at professional events. If price becomes a concern, you can always go to your local thrift store and pick out several outfits for a bargain price.

These gifts will help the young pro in your life get a serious advantage in their career. What gifts do you think would help your career? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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