Give What You’re Good At: Go Pro Bono with Catchafire

Pro bono publico (usually shortened to pro bono) is a phrase derived from Latin meaning “for the public good”. The term is generally used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service. It is common in the legal profession and is increasingly seen in marketing, technology, and strategy consulting firms. Pro bono service, unlike traditional volunteerism, uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them.

When I touched based with the Founder of Catchafire, Rachael Chong, a few months back I was ecstatic to discuss how we could work together. Catchafire solves a problem many recent grads face. Those fresh out of school may find themselves in limbo; unable to get an internship since they can’t receive credit but need something to fill the resume gap during their job hunt. For those with one to three years of experience as a result of internships, part-time jobs, freelancing, and more…Catchafire is the answer.

Catchafire is also the answer for:

  • People at any point in their career looking use their 9-5 skills for a cause they care about
  • People who want to use a skill set they have and are unable to use during their 9-5
  • People who want to volunteer and experience professional development
  • the list goes on!

Sample Catchafire Pro Bono Projects Include:

Come to our event and enjoy an evening of wine, mingling with others interested in giving back, and meeting the Catchafire team. Register here.


We are proud to be hosted by The Morris + King Company, a public relations firm with deep expertise in strategic marketing and branding.

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