FindSpark Give Back Group 

Dedicated to setting up diverse young pros for career success and connect employers to top early career talent. 

Want to inspire others? Share your career success story and insights with a community of 27,000+ young pros?

Then join our Give Back Group to give back to diverse young pros, share insights, and make an impact.  

Do you want to:  

Make networking and moving up in your career suck less?  

Give a better shot to people who are historically underserved and underrepresented?  

Be a part of helping the community grow now that you’ve been a Member and benefited yourself?  

Want to share your insights and story with our community in different ways?  


We’d love for you to be a part of the  

 FindSpark Give Back Group 

• This is a special group of people who want to take their involvement to the next level, in a way that works with their schedule and plays to their strengths.  

• Each week, The Give Back Group receives an email with a list of different things you can do to help FindSpark grow.  

• Give Back Group action items range from super quick and easy actions like RSVPing to a FB event to IRL mentoring at Hustle Summit to sharing your story or a quote on a topic for an article.  

If you’re thinking,“Will I have time for this?” The answer is, YES!  

• Why? Because we give you a variety of ways to give back, and fully understand you need to take a break now and again.  

The expectation as a member is to complete one action item from at least two Give Back Weeklies a month.  


So what are you waiting for?