A Great Attitude Pays Off, & Other Helpful Tips- with CJ Chun

1. Could you introduce yourself, please?

Ans: Sure, my name is Chan Jun Chun, but also known as CJ. I am currently working at the Molecule VFX New York as a CG Assets Supervisor.

2. How did you find your first job?

Ans: My first job in the US was a freelance 3D modeler at a previous company called Edit One. And I met a CG Supervisor of Edit One at the portfolio night that has held in SVA. And the Supervisor was asking me specifically about my reel that how I madeshots due to the pipeline and which programs I used.
A few days later, the supervisor sent me an email about recruiting for some advertising projects. From then, my CG career has started.

3. What would you suggest to the recent graduate who is willing to start their career as a freelancer?

Ans: According to my experience, CG industries are really small. Once you walk into there is a company whether it’s small or large, you will notice that everyone there are professionals, with at least more than 4-6 years of experiences and they also know a lot of leading artists in CG industries.
Basically, the workspace where you will be working will be a showcase for you, and everyone else will be the jury of your works.
It means that it is in your best interests to show your very best quality of work as much as you can produce, there is any questions or if you are not sure about something, it is best to ask your supervisor or a person who sits next to you. CG industries pipeline goes really fast, faster than you can imagine.
Even though there are supervisors, sometimes they are really busy to handle a lot of other things too. So, if they don’t check you up, I would suggest you to approach them and ask them without fear because that’s why there are supervisors. Also, be modest and show smiles to everyone. Your nice attitude gives people good impressions about you. If you are successful until this step, you will never lose your jobs and you will be keep connected with other companies through-out the people who you have already worked with.

4. What do you see when you want to hire a junior artist, and what you do expect?

Ans: I usually go to the portfolio night numerous time and we do see a whole lot of different people. And depends on the company, there are the different focus with respect to hiring people. But in our case, I usually see how much this person can handle and how many aspects that we can see from this person? The Molecule where I am working, we usually work on feature films, TV episodic series, motion graphics and VR and CG Dept is usually get slammed on TV series shots. In this circumstances, we want some people who can work in fast pipelines and who can produce hyper-realistic quality. For example, I saw few people this year at the portfolio night and one person had a really great reel so, I asked which program did you used and how you made your look development, and the person actually used a lot of different programs to make one shot. And I met the second person who had similar quality of work and the second person actually mad the whole shot as procedurally by using variety of nodes in Maya.
When we are comparing these two people, would definitely hire the second person, who knows nodes system well and procedural ways which are way more efficient and faster pipeline.
But you have to know that when we are hiring a person for a freelance position, It really matters what is your profession. If you areJ! modeler, you have to be great at modeling. But if you are aiming for the staff position, most of the companies in New York want people who can handle everything. Of course, you have to have one specialty that is your strongest weapon and great at, but also you have to know most of the aspects in this field so that you might have to jump into other pipelines, if necessary.
For example~ recently, I had worked on the movie ‘The Wall’ directed by Doug Liman and every single member of CG dept were slammed with a lot of different projects. But we were running out of time because of the deadline. In that case, there is only one answer: Do as much as you can cover because there is no time to wait for other people to take care of next pipeline.

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