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At #HireMe: How to Use Social Media in the Job Hunt, a team of panelists shared their wisdom on using social media to get from zero to your dream job in no time. They had a lot to say, but here are their five biggest tips.

1. Know your platform.

According to Offerpop recruiter Steph Perez, the key to an effective social media presence while dealing with time constraints is to pick one or two platforms and make sure you’re well-represented on them.

Hand-letterer Lauren Hom has made her dreams come true using platforms like Instagram and Tumblr to boost her project Daily Dishonesty. She recommends that you “tailor your presence to what kind of audience you are trying to reach and what kind of work you do.”

Not sure which platform might work for you? David Krugman of BBDO has a few suggestions: “Writers love Twitter, recruiters love LinkedIn, and Instagram is one of the biggest and most engaged platforms right now.” Choose wisely.

2. Be personable.

Steph Perez makes it clear that when she and other recruiters are looking at a potential candidate, they’re looking at more than your professional credentials. “It’s all about fit; I’m looking at information that can let me know if you can get along with the team.”

Marketing specialist at Stache Media and hilarious tweeter John Dabrowski recommends that you stay engaged with your followers: comment back, give compliments, say “thank you.” Keep it short and invite them to take it off social media if a discussion begins.

3. Have integrity.

The majority of our panelists either landed jobs by getting in touch on social media, or by staying in touch with potential employers via social media.

Dabrowoski’s current boss at Sony Music Global started out as a friendly follower who occasionally liked his posts and comments. He was invited to join a project, and then offered a position!

Only collaborate with brands and individuals that are consistent with your vision. Sharing quality content is key; Krugman recommends that you “curate yourself, put out the best thing you can possibly put out at that given time.”

If you sign up to represent or collaborate with a brand, remember that you are also representing and branding yourself.

4. Make contact.

Before you reach out to someone, make sure you take a good look at their profile.

According to Perez, “If they can tell you’ve read their profile, they will take you more seriously.” Do some research and try to find something interesting to mention it in your initial contact.

Lauren Hom recommends that you “catch your contacts on the platform they use the most. You’re most likely to get a response that way.” If you reach out and don’t get any response, cap your efforts at three attempts. We’re all busy but if you’ve mentioned or messaged someone three times and haven’t gotten a response, chances are it’s not a good match.

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5. Be smart.

Use programs to help you organize your digital presence. Our panelists recommended Iconosqaure, HootSuite, RebelMouse, Buffer, and Pocket. Our founder, Emily Miethner, is a huge fan of Google Chrome add-on’s and apps. Try something new to get yourself out there!

Take these tips and go out there, participate in a twitter chat and remember to always use #FindSpark when you have questions, comments, or compliments for our team. We’re always happy to hear from you! A big thank you to our panelists and all our guests at the #HireMe event.

What do you think? Ready to jump into Social Media and make some connections? Let us know your plan in the comments section. You might just get followed!


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