Grey Advertising Shares How They Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and Why it Matters

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Every year, Hispanic Heritage Month, observed in America from September 15th to October 15th, celebrates the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

There are many ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at your office and on your college campus — we put together some of our favorite ideas and concepts for you. Since every company is unique, we’re excited to share how FindSpark employer Grey Advertising, the company that brought our community FAME – a free 8-week portfolio school, celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.

We sat down with Victor Paredes, Director of Strategic Planning at Wing, part of the Grey global network, to learn more about their commitment to diversity and inclusion and initiatives honoring Hispanic Heritage Month at Grey Advertising.


How did Grey decide to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Diversity is a business imperative at Grey. In the industry, Grey has led the way in supporting the 3% movement and championing diversity across our organization in all that we do. In our day to day business, all of our creative briefs feature a mandate for diversity of thought. In our organization, we have an employee resource group called InteGreyted that aims to champion diversity in our company culture. In addition, we have a dedicated multicultural marketing practice called Wing. Thus, Hispanic Heritage Month is a vital component of our commitment to diversity. We work to both educate Grey at large about the richness of Latinx cultures and to foster an environment where Latinx employees feel invited to celebrate their identities.


How is your office celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?

We kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month at Grey during the company-wide bi-weekly meeting. During the presentation, we defined the purpose of Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated the contributions of Latinx to culture and stressed the importance of the audience to our business. Here we announced four initiatives aimed at celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. You can see our presentation here.

Grey Hispanic Heritage Month Presentation Slide

A Gallery

We unveiled a two-floor gallery of posters that spotlight 11 famous and impactful Latinx pioneers, which include: Journalists, Activists, Designers, Entertainers, Scientists and Inventors. We hosted a gallery opening event on Friday, September 28th and the posters have been on display in our third and fourth-floor lobbies since Saturday, September 15th.

Grey Hispanic Heritage Month Gallery

A Town Hall Presentation

We organized a town hall-style event celebrating the strength and contributions of our immigrant population. 35% of the Latinx population is foreign-born and forms part of a community under assault by the current social climate. #Immigreat will shed light on the power of our immigrant community and celebrate their greatness. We will host a panel discussion and workshop featuring the Immigrant Archive Project (IAP) and Everyday Ambassador (EA). IAP will share some insightful stories from diverse immigrants that shed light on the true stories our nation’s immigrants. EA will, in turn, share tangible recommendations to help increase our cultural competence and sensitivity.

Grey Hispanic Heritage Month event

Community Engagement

Grey provided information to encourage employees to engage in cultural activities throughout New York City. Grey’s news blasts, app, and intranet posted information for employees to access on Latinx cultural institutions and events. Employees were then encouraged to share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #HHMatGrey.

Social Media Takeovers

Wing (Grey’s Multicultural practice) has taken over Grey’s Instagram account, posting informative Latinx cultural matters on both the feed and stories streams. Follow us at:


What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to your employees?

Grey’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations provided a grass-roots platform where I could celebrate my culture among colleagues and share what makes our history so rich and unique. —Angeliz Torres, Strategist at Grey/Wing

To me, Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to educate myself on immigration and the ways Hispanic culture has shaped the U.S. and me personally. It’s also about celebrating Hispanic leaders and the change makers who have come before them, making it possible for people to continue to drive change, and become more aware of those efforts. Politically, Hispanic Heritage Month is also about identifying Hispanic leaders to stay informed on the broad issues that face the US and the world. — Kat Johnson, Senior Account Executive, PR at Grey Group

The inclusion and celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month events at Grey have opened my eyes and further educated me on a culture and community I felt I knew much about. Moreover, it has provided me with a sense of pride knowing that my company values and continues to champion diversity. — Kaysen Harlow, Strategist at Grey Group

Hispanic Heritage Month events at Grey make me feel like my unique perspective adds value. But most importantly, that I can really be myself in these four walls. — Karol Chang, Strategy Director at Grey Group

New York is bustling and distracting, but Hispanic Heritage Month has forced me to place focused attention on the roots and impact of Latinx in this city. I feel at ease because in moments when I’m conflicted about my identity, I know there is a community here…and that community is worth celebrating over this month period. — Paola Garces, Associate Strategist at Grey Group

How is your company celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month? Share in the comments below or use the hashtag #FindSpark in your social media posts!


Learn how FindSpark can support your diversity & inclusion, recruitment, and employer branding goals through our online and offline programs:

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