Hour by Hour: The Day in the Life of an Overachieving College Student

When summer started, school seemed so far away, but now that it’s back-to-school season, your schedule is filling up fast.

We feel you, busy college students, squeezing in time to eat and sleep in between internships, classes, interviews, and extra-curricular activities. You’re probably harboring some major intern feels, whilst trying to ace your interviews at your dream company. Here at FindSpark, we’re serving up some comedic relief for when you’re not rushing to your next networking event. Check out our hour-by-hour breakdown of the college whirlwind.

8 AM: Waking up early to get to your internship on time.

9 AM: Sipping your first coffee of the day on your way to work.

10 AM: *working hard*

11 AM: When you and your co-workers finish a major project.

12 PM: Going back to campus and meeting your friends for lunch. :)

1 PM: Interrupting your friend’s juicy gossip to GroupMe your club members to get them to show up to next week’s event #eboardlife

2 PM: *Going to humanities class* “How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?”

3 PM: Going home and getting dressed for an interview at your dream company.

4 PM: Walking out of your interview feeling proud of yourself for a job well done, but remembering all the homework you have to do for tomorrow.

5 PM: Rushing to an info session at your school’s career advancement center. Good thing you kept your suit on after the interview.

6 PM: Food. No further explanation needed.

7 PM: FINALLY getting started on your boatload of homework, but only after drinking a large cold brew with an extra shot of espresso.

8 PM: *Resisting the urge to watch The Bachelor. Reading Plato instead.*

9 PM: Taking a study break to fill out internship applications for the upcoming semester. Have to keep that resume STACKED after all.

10 PM: Taking another study break to browse through memes on Facebook.

11 PM: More coffee, more reading, and a splash of self-doubt.

12 AM: “This must be when normal people sleep.”

3:15 AM: Miraculously finishing all of your homework, just in time for a nap before work. ;)

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