How NY Creative Interns Can Help Companies Find Awesome Interns

If you’re an employer looking for interns in New York, NY Creative Interns is a great resource. Here are the ways that we can help you find interns:

  1. Join our meetup group and post on our Internship/Job board (under the Discussions tab).
  2. Set up a detailed meetup profile, and look through other member profiles for someone who may be a great intern for you, and reach out! We’ve connected other people that way.
  3. Email nycreativeinterns at gmail dot com with a link to the opportunity and we’ll tweet it to our 1,000+ followers.
  4. Come to our events, announce your internship and meet internship-seekers face to face.
  5. Sponsor or donate items for one of our meetups.  Not only will all of our attendees hear about your company, but we will also announce your internship at the meetup itself!

Marny Smith is the Community Manager for NY Creative Interns. You can find her on Tumblr, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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