How to Answer The Most Important Interview Questions as Told by a Recruiter

Congrats! You’ve made it through an online job application and you’re on to the next stage of the process: the interview. This is your chance to give more context and showcase your confidence in why you’re a great fit for the role.

One of the most important things you need to get across in an interview is your “why.” Why are you interested in this role?

We asked Mary Abrasley, Talent Acquisition Specialist at News America Marketing, to share her tips on how to be prepared to answer the most important interview questions.

Check out the tips below to be better prepared for an interview for any role!


Why is having strong answers to ‘why’ questions important to a candidate who is interviewing?

The candidate needs to be able to show depth in their answers. Sales people, after all, are storytellers. Whether it’s through testimonials, facts, or data, you need to be able to paint a picture and sell yourself first and foremost.


What are some interview questions candidates can expect to be asked during the hiring process at News America Marketing where they have to explain ‘why’?

We ask a variety of situational and background questions, which always include:
Why are you interested in consultative sales?
Why are you interested in News America Marketing?
Why are you interested in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry?


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What are good examples of ‘why’ responses?

In general, answers that show that the candidate has done research on the industry and our products will always make them stand out. Some other great “why” answers include:

Being in a competitive environment motivates me. 

I’m interested in how your company helps clients with the total path to purchase.


What are some bad examples of ‘why’ answers?

I am friendly and like building relationships. These answers are too broad. You can use them as a starting point, but I would follow up with an example where being friendly was able to help them close a deal. Same for building relationships. The whole point of the why is to go past the surface — go deep and create a story to showcase your skill set.


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What are interviewers looking for in these ‘why’ responses?

In general, recruiters look for smart questions about the business and critical thinking skills. For us, we look for a true desire to be a consultative salesperson. They can speak to a story or example of when they realized they wanted to work in consultative sales. It’s a two part question — “Why sales?” but also “Why News America Marketing?”


What are top questions you’ve received from candidates interviewing where you had to explain a ‘why’?

Why did you choose News America Marketing?
Why did you choose sales (for the hiring managers)?


What should candidates know about News America Marketing if they want to be considered for a job there?

News America has a fast-paced, fun environment. Our team members are given an established career path in consultative sales and are immersed in a learning culture from day one!



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