10 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on Campus or at Work

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From September 15th to October 15th, our nation celebrates the generations of Hispanics who have positively influenced and enriched our society.

There’s a lot more to the Hispanic culture than ‘Despacito’ (although it is a great song), so I wanted to take some time to discuss ways in which you and your peers or coworkers could celebrate and honor Hispanic heritage on campus or in the office.

1. Host a potluck.

Invite everyone to bring a dish from one Latinx country and provide a short summary of the dish and its history. My favorite staple at office potlucks is the ‘Cortadito’– everyone needs a shot of Cuban coffee to stay awake.

2. Invite a keynote speaker.

Not sure where to start looking? Check out these awesome Hispanic Pros from our community with inspiring careers, who are innovating at top companies like Google, FCB, Refinery29, IPG Mediabrands, Time Inc. and more.

3. Host a lunch & learn / brown bag lunch.

Put together an informational deck on Hispanic and Latinx history, talk about diversity and inclusion practices, or have someone from your office/club discuss their country’s history.

4. Do an office Charity and make a donation to Hispanic/LatinX focused causes.

There are tons of ways to rally people around making a donation. For example, you can do a 50/50 raffle or help people clean up their closet by doing an in-office or on-campus clothing drive.

5. Put up an exhibition.

Showcase famous paintings, or photography by Hispanic artists or about Latin America.

6. Go on a cultural field trip.

Do an office outing or campus event to support a local Hispanic establishment, restaurant, museum, venue.

6. Host a movie night.

Grab some popcorn and gather to watch a screening of an acclaimed Spanish-language film.

7. Aprende a Hablar Español – Learn to Speak Spanish.

Dedicate a word a day, send it out via email, post it in your office entrance, find fun way’s to incorporate the word throughout the day.

8. Give your employees a shoutout on your companies careers social media channels or newsletters.

You can feature several employees throughout the month, everyone loves a shoutout!

9. Host an event and invite up and coming Latinx talent.

Connect your team members with emerging talent (hey, pipeline!) while giving them a chance to be ambassadors for your employer brand, thought leaders, and mentors. FindSpark (yes, us!) is the perfect partner to work with you to develop a custom program and bring a curated group of top diverse talent into your space. Want more inspo? Check out our partnership with Yelp: we brought our Black History Month Spoken Word Happy Hour to their Chicago office in partnership with their multicultural business resource group Diverse Burst: findspark.com/black-history-month-happyhour-yelp

10. A Bailar! Dance it off, turn up the office jams to our #HispanicHeritageMonth Playlist.

Along with Despacito, you can play some great tunes.

Happy Celebrating! What fun ways have you hosted and celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month?

Learn how FindSpark can support your diversity & inclusion, recruitment, and employer branding goals through our online and offline programs: findspark.com/employers

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