How to Class Up Your Facebook Page

When applying for an internship or job it is important that your Facebook page is one that you would be proud of. Here are a few easy tips to get started.

NY Creative Interns Facebook Tips

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Picture Perfect Problems

More and more students are losing scholarships and jobs due to inappropriate pictures on their Facebook pages. Leave room for pictures that display your personality, but take away the ones that may give people the wrong impression. This includes pictures involving lots of alcohol, drugs, explicit behavior, and offensive gestures. These things can tarnish your reputation and make employers think twice about hiring you.

Grab a Brush and Scrub That Wall!

Comments are the main staple of ones Facebook and can be seen by many people. When going through your wall posts and statuses try to delete certain ones that may contain foul language. The more positive your impression, the more doors you leave open.


More than likely employers will check your information to see what kind of things interest you. If you are anything like me, and your “Likes” have accumulated over the years (I had a whopping 731 likes), it’s time to start reducing that number. I apologize, but it’s also time to end fake relationships or family relations with your best buddies. They want to hire an adult, so try to reflect that in your information page.

Put it in Quotes

Take advantage of the quote box and find a quote that really means something to you. It doesn’t have to be deep and profound, but it is a very nice addition to your profile. Protip: quote a leader in your field or respected person in your industry. A phrase from a book may make you appear even more intelligent. Either way, one or two meaningful quotes indicate how passionate you are about your creative specialty.

Check the Settings

It is important to record the contacts you make while looking for internships. You never know who may be able to help you or make a call in your favor. Use your settings and organize your friends in groups (Friends, family, etc.) and make a special one for new, professional contacts.

Come to think of it, your other social networks could use a quick spring cleaning as well. Learn more from our previous presentations on social networking.

What are other ways you could make your Facebook more professional? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Erica Mann is currently a film studies and production student at Hofstra University. She also writes for her blog The NYC Film Chick

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