How to Create an Inspiring Community — A Year of NY Creative Interns

We built this community by reaching out to people who’ve inspired us and chose meetup topics like “taking risks” and “starting something”: ideas that have helped us in our own careers. Our year has been filled with incredible people sharing their insight with young creatives looking to follow their dreams. Here’s a look at the past year’s events and key takeaways:

The Failure Method: Why Taking Risks is Important to Being Successful

February started off strong with a panel on the importance of taking risks entitled: The Failure Method: Why Taking Risks is Important for Being Successful. We packed the room at Meetup HQ and our speakers left everyone ready to step into uncertainty and follow their dreams.

Takeaway: If you’re not taking risks you’re likely not moving forward.

Become an Interview Ninja

In March we focused on the importance of interview skills with a panel and one-on-one sessions.

Takeaway: Know as much as possible about the company you’re interviewing with; past and present; before you go into an interview.

Sell Yourself without Selling Out: Making It as an Artist in the Digital Age

Etsy hosted our April event, Sell Yourself Without Selling Out: Making it As An Artist in the Digital Age. We focused on tips for using digital tools like Kickstarter and Twitter, to further your creative career.

Takeaway: Put yourself in situations where luck will find you.

NY Creative Interns Etsy

“Life After College” Book Launch Party

In May we partnered with Jenny Blake, author of Life After College, to throw her New York City book launch party. Together we celebrated the pursuit of happiness and meeting huge goals.

Takeaway: Surround yourself with people who will support and push you to follow your seemingly crazy ideas.

How to Survive Internet Week: Using Social Media to Make Offline Connections

Internet Week hit New York City in June and we got involved by hosting a panel, “How To Survive Internet Week.”

Takeaway: Making connections that are deep and meaningful is more valuable than making as many connections as you can.

NY Creative Interns Internet Week

NYC Interns Hash It Up

In July we were approached by John Exley who wanted to get us involved in a series of events he wanted to plan for the New York intern community through his internship at Hashable. Together we produced two amazing events, NYC Interns Hash It Up I & II.

Takeaway: It’s all about the hustle. Tell everyone about your dreams and eventually you’ll find people who will help you achieve them.


Land an Internship Using Social Media

There’s no denying the wealth of opportunities in the realm of social media that can be taken advantage of in your search for internships and jobs. We taught this class three times throughout the year and added new updated content for each class.

Takeaway: Using Twitter is a great way to get on the radar of professionals and companies you admire.

Give What You’re Good At: Go Pro Bono with Catchafire

Over the summer we found out about Catchafire, a platform for connecting volunteers with skill based opportunities. We knew we had to share their mission with our community so we produced an event to explore the benefits of pro bono work.

Takeaway: Doing the right kind of free work can enhance skill sets and greatly benefit your career.

NY Creative Interns-Catchafire-13

Start Something: Why Every Creative Needs To Be An Entrepreneur

Start Something came out of our goal of motivating our community to taking action. To kick off the school year we assembled an incredibly talented panel of founders and co-founders to share their insight.

Takeaway: Find a mentor. Connect with people you admire, ask them to have coffee with you and get their advice. It can be that simple.

NY Creative Interns One Year Anniversary Bash

To celebrate a full year of incredible events we threw a party in honor of our community.

Takeaway: Take time out to be with your ideas, don’t be afraid of the “how,” and always help others.

NY Creative Interns Party

We also had casual meetups, went to movie screenings, had Grub With Us meals, and more.

Thanks to all who’ve been involved. What would you like to see next year? What can we do to serve you better? Let us know in the comments.

About the Author

Emily is Founder and CEO of FindSpark. Passionate about the power of social media and networking; Emily has spoken at numerous colleges, conferences, and events including The International Youth Leaders Assembly at The United Nations, SXSW Interactive, Internet Week, Mediabistro's Social Media Bootcamp, Time Inc, Columbia University, and New York University, among others. Emily is also an adjunct professor, teaching social media and career courses at multiple colleges. Learn more about having Emily speak at your next event and follow her on twitter @EmilyMiethner.

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