After Hours: How to Crush Your Side Hustle

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Are you multi-faceted? Want to hone skills outside your job or industry? Then welcome to our free, virtual side-hustle event.  

Is this workshop for you? It is if you want to...  

  • Start and maintain a successful side hustle
  • Leverage your network to take your side hustle to the next level
  • Learn how you can turn your side hustle into a full-time job
  • Create your own experience
  • + more  


You'll leave this workshop with: 

  • Strategies to balance a job and side hustle 
  • The skills to sell yourself in a new industry
  • New LinkedIn connections from our ambitious, diverse community to collaborate and connect over your side hustle  

Lead By Emily Miethner, CEO & Founder of FindSpark, Social Media & Networking Expert, & Adjuct Professor

Emily has helped thousands of students and grads make valuable connections online and offline through FindSpark, a community dedicated to setting up young pros for career success.  

An expert in millennials digital and social media, Emily has used digital and social media to grow FindSpark to a community of 25,000+ millennials, and works with higher educational professionals, employers, and brands to better understand and engage millennials.  

Emily is also an adjunct professor, teaching social media and career courses at School of Visual Arts, Fashion Institute of Technology, LIM College, and is a frequent guest speaker on campuses.

FindSpark is an online / offline community dedicated to setting up every young pro for career success.  

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