How To: Follow Up (Part 2)

An internship isn’t a worthwhile time commitment if you fail to keep in touch with the company after it’s over. I already wrote a post about how to follow up with your coworkers, but I’ve been thinking about it further and would like to make some amendments to my suggestions.

Here are some more specific tips to keep in mind as your internship is coming to a close and also after your internship official ends:

  • “Writer (Kind Of)?” Before the end of your internship, make a simple business card for yourself and give it to the people with whom you’ve interacted the most. ( offers an easy and relatively inexpensive printing service.) Don’t crowd the card with too much information: name, phone number, email, and title should suffice. The title is particularly important. Companies cycle through dozens to hundreds of interns per year, so make yourself stand out by reminding your coworkers who you are and what you do. Are you a writer? Put “writer.” Do you think you might want to be a writer? Don’t put “Writer (Kind Of).” Be confident. It’s understandable if you don’t know what you want to do, but be wary of how this will be viewed in the eyes of a supervisor looking to hire someone with specific interests and talents.

  • Put it in a spreadsheet. If you can remember the names and contact information of your coworkers, you’re gifted and should therefore reward yourself with two packs of Fun Dip. Most of us, however, will most likely forget this information. The solution? Make a spreadsheet after your internship ends to store this important information. Your columns may include: name, position, phone number, email, date and nature of last contact. Then, you’ll be able to look back at this document when you want to send email updates to your coworkers. Be sure to take note of when and why you contacted someone. If you haven’t spoken to someone in over one year, think wisely about how you’re contacting him or her and if it’s even appropriate to do so.
  • Pool your resources. This one doesn’t actually involve the people you worked with: Be sure to let friends, family members, and teachers know what you’re up to at your internship. It’s important to have fans amongst your personal circle, people who will speak on your behalf as they go about their daily lives. You never know where connections are going to present themselves, so the more people you have who know where you’re working and what you do, the wider you’re casting your networking net.

So stay organized, keep in touch, and rock on. Share your tips for following up and keeping in touch in the comments.

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Jonathan Hurwitz is a recent graduate of the Film & TV Production program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. After transferring to Tisch two years ago from the University of Michigan, Jonathan has held more than eight internships on feature films and TV shows, including last year's "Tower Heist" and Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." He is currently a Production intern at Pixar Animation Studios in California. He writes about everything from happiness to Justin Bieber on his own blog and that Twitter thang.

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