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Every company reps the whole “work hard, play hard” trope, but for TEKsystems, a leading provider of IT staffing, talent management and services — that mantra is the real deal. They deploy over 80,000 IT professionals to 6,000 client sites annually, but as for their internal hires, well, it takes a special kind of candidate to fit in with this lively community of professionals. Fun fact: When they made Fortune Magazine’s “Top Places to Work For” for the fourth consecutive year, the TEKsystems offices were sent piñatas to have fun with!

They’re always expanding and looking to hire top-notch Recruiter/Sales Management Trainees to their ranks,  but if you’re really interested in getting hired —  make an impression in-person and meet them at Hustle Summit, our epic recruitment event taking place on Friday, January 27th at Irving Plaza.

We chatted with Jemia Young, Senior Sales Talent Acquisition Specialist at TEKsystems, about their awesome culture, and what it takes to be a suitable hire — like drive, and the willingness to…dance? Read on to learn more.

TEKsystems’s NY team celebrating Pride Month in style (notice all the nice pastels?)

What can applicants do to stand out when applying for a position at TEKsystems?

“We look for traits like competitiveness, passion, dedication…we’re also big on loyalty. But it’s all about having a positive attitude. Some days may involve more losing than winning; you have to overcome that and really be able to fight through the lows, to get to the highs.

One of our core values is servitude, so that involves being selfless, and really putting others before yourself. You need to have a solid relationship bone, and be able to build relationships with people.

Since we really emphasize our culture and environment, we care more about culture fit than someone fitting a certain set of qualifications. When someone ‘wins’ and hires someone for the first time, they get to dance in front of the office. Any ‘win’ after that can involve hitting a gong, doing a round of high fives — every office is different, but our employees are always game for anything!”

All work and no play? Not for this TEKsystems celebrating his win with a dance!

What’s one thing applicants should know about TEKsystems before applying?

“Utilize your network, but also, reach out to your out-of-network to contacts that are already working at TEKsystems.

I recommend doing a search on LinkedIn of your school, alma mater — who do you know that works here? Send them a message or give them a call. With this kind of initiative, you have a better chance of getting hired. We’re big on references, because they have a greater chance than a blind applicant. So make sure you use current connections and don’t be afraid to make new ones!”

What’s the most memorable thing an applicant has done to stand out?

“I had an applicant tell me, ‘I’m at a desk wearing a suit, because I was always told to dress the part for an interview.’ That to me tells me that you’re taking the phone interview and the application process seriously!”

These TEKsystems superstars won “Office of the Quarter” in Q3 of 2016!

What makes a candidate stand out to you when you meet them at an event?

“It’s all about vulnerability, not just about work experience. We take the time to learn who you are. We ask about family, what you were like in high school and college— we try to gauge a lot from experiences, from ‘life lessons.’

For example, it’s great if you played a sport for two years, but if you had problems with a coach and gave it up, or quit when things got rough…that says a lot about the kind of person you are. People always tell us that interviews are kind of like therapy sessions. We go back in time to decide if it would be a good fit for future at TEKsystems.”

What’s the worst thing a candidate could do when applying to or interviewing at TEKsystems?

“I’ve had applicants refer to TEKsystems as the wrong company name, but the worst is when people don’t take the phone interview seriously. I’ve had candidates put me on hold, or whisper because they’re at work, at their desks. And then there are the ones that try to drive while speaking to me, with me hearing honks in the background!

Your phone interviewer is your gatekeeper. You’ve got realize, not taking phone interviews seriously could be your downfall.”

What’s it like working at TEKsystems? Watch their video to get the inside scoop.

What’s your best piece of advice for an applicant?

“Millennials have a tendency of being all over the place — not knowing exactly what they want to do, which can be a turnoff, especially in interviewing. It’s also not good when want they want to do doesn’t align with the position they’re applying for.

For example, when an applicant is applying for a sales role, and I learn that in three years they want to be in law school…that tells me that in three years, this person won’t be with us, and will leave. So why would I want to hire them in the first place?”

Want to learn more about TEKsystems? Check out their openings on our job board, and don’t miss your chance to meet reps from this all-star company in-person at Hustle Summit, our epic recruitment event!

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