How to Get Hired at a Networking Event

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to get noticed by recruiters is to attend networking and recruiting events. Meeting face-to-face to show them your personality and make an impression can make all the difference in the world.

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We checked in with some awesome FindSpark community members who have gotten hired through our events to hear their stories and top tips for standing out and getting hired.

FindSpark Tatiana MilcentTatiana Milcent
Account Management Intern, MKG
Digital Ad Sales Research Intern, Nickelodeon
Tatiana has landed not one but two internships through our Opportunity Mixers! She connected with both Nickelodeon and MKG at FindSpark events and her persistence led to an internship at each.

Tatiana’s tip: “Speak to the recruiters with a mix of personality and professionalism. Make sure they meet you and not just your resume. I got my internship with MKG by staying connected with the recruiter over email; not to the point where I was annoying but so that she knew who I was and realized I was genuinely interested in the internship.”

Dani Joselson, Success StoryDani Joselson
Office PA / EA for Cause + Effect Productions
Dani attended FindSpark’s Career GroundBreakers Conference in April and networked with a speaker who had a friend working for Cause + Effect. They kept in touch and Dani’s new connection sent her resume to a friend, helping her land her dream job!

Dani’s Tip: Always follow-up, and keep in touch with the connections you meet. You never know who could help you secure your next opportunity.

FindSpark Caitlin LeMayCaitlin LeMay
Account Executive, Ruder Finn
Caitlin attended FindSpark events and applied to positions through our job board after graduating. This helped her build her network and get accepted to Ruder Finn’s Executive Trainee Program, which turned into a full-time gig. 

Caitlin’s tip: “Be patient (easier said than done, I know!). In hindsight, I am so happy that I stayed committed to my job search, did my research and was proactive throughout the entire process. In the end, I found a job that I truly enjoy – the wait was well worth it!”

FindSpark Winston Struye

Winston Struye
Photographer, Museum Hack
Winston overheard a conversation his friend was having at a FindSpark event. He realized the other participant worked for a company he had just applied to work for, so he jumped into the convo and ended up getting hired!

Winston’s tip: Winston happened to have his computer on-hand at the time, so he was able to show of his photos instantly. Make your work accessible!

Mohammad Bolatero

Mohammad Bolatero
Digital Marketing / Social Media Intern at Two Trees
Community member and Hustle Summit Fellow Mohammad found out about the internship at Two Trees through the FindSpark job board. He applied and eventually got the job!

Mohammad’s Tip: Get involved in opportunities that make you stand out. Mohammad’s involvement in Hustle Summit as a Fellow demonstrated his ambition and made him unique compared to other applicants.

FindSpark Tiffany ChiaoTiffany Chiao
Operations Assistant, HBO
Tiffany majored in education, but because she met a rep from HBO at a FindSpark Opportunity Mixer, she was able to transition into the entertainment industry.

Tiffany’s tip: “Be yourself. I was told by my interviewer that he liked my energy. Doing a quick power pose before my interview helped ease my nervousness as well!”

FindSpark Edric EngallaEdric Engalla
Intern, Viacom
Edric attended a FindSpark Opportunity Mixer, where he met reps from Viacom. He kept in touch with them, landed a few interviews, and ended up interning with them for a semester.

Edric’s tip: “The rule of thumb that I followed in order to get my internship was persistence. I made sure they didn’t forget me and I maintained contact once I had a lead to follow up, check in, or say a friendly word.”

FindSpark_Blog Gillian KaneGillian Kane 
Member Billing Associate, WeWork
Gillian attended Hustle Summit and networked with a recruiter at WeWork. Though they did not have any job openings at the time of the event, Gillian kept in touch with the hiring manager. After constantly checking the job board, Gillian applied to a job at WeWork a few months later and landed it!

Gillian’s tip: Always keep in touch with the recruiters you meet at networking events. Even if the company doesn’t have any relevant openings at the time, it could help you land a position in the future.

FindSpark Mariel RothmanMariel Rothman
MapQuest Social Media Fellow, AOL
Mariel met an AOL recruiter at our Opportunity Mixer in the summer of 2013. They kept in touch throughout her senior year, which led to a fellowship at AOL the summer after Mariel graduated.

Mariel’s tip: “Make sure you show up to the networking event with an organized folder of your printed resumes, a notepad and a section to hold recruiter’s business cards. The events move very fast so it is key to appear organized! I got hired because I kept track of the AOL recruiter’s business card and followed up multiple times, updating her on my semester accomplishments and reminding her of my interest in joining the company!”

Did you land an awesome gig through one of our events? We want to hear your story!

Want to meet awesome professionals and ambitious young creatives such as yourself? Join us at one of our in-person or virtual events! Learn more at

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