How To Know If Your Unpaid Internship is Illegal

As the summer begins, so do lots of unpaid internships. The U.S. Department of Labor has 6 Criteria for The Test of Unpaid Interns. Prompted by all the articles about whether or not unpaid internships are legal or should be legal; we recruited film student Phil Robibero to make the video below to help you decide if you’re employee is taking advantage of you!

Were you aware of all these rules? Have you ever participated in an internship you think was illegal? Did you still think it was worth it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (feel free to use aliases for you or the company, we’re not asking you to call out any companies publicly…unless you want to).

NY Creative Interns The Test of Unpaid Internships

3 comment on “How To Know If Your Unpaid Internship is Illegal

  1. I have been aware of this for as long as i have been interning. That being said, most of my internships have been illegal, but in my industry (apparel design) that’s just how it works. The fashion center is crumbling, which actually makes it a great opportunity for interns to really get in there and do everything. I’m the unofficial unpaid assistant but I love what I do and my connections at the company will get me somewhere great. You’re only an exploited worker if you let yourself be.

  2. Hey Val, I love that, you’re only exploited if you let yourself be. I think it’s true that every intern needs to make sure they are actually getting something valuable from the internship, paid or not.

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