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On Saturday, November 12, 2016, passionate young professionals from every industry imaginable gathered for FindSpark Next, a professional development workshop focused on helping young pros gain invaluable career insight and advice for moving up.

During the conference’s first panel focusing on how to move up in your company, the panelists – including Justin Mahmud of Macy’s, Alexandra Finkel of Bustle and Tiffany Chiao of HBO – offered tips on how to raise your standards of performance at work, whether settled in your “dream job” or you’re working your way up the corporate totem pole.

Speaker Panel

Justin, who works in Executive Talent Acquisition at Macy’s, shared his own “moving on up” story and how by means of networking and raising his hand, he was able to climb his industries’ ladder to success. Alexandra is the Editorial Operations Director at Bustle. She provided great advice coming from a director/hiring standpoint. Finally Tiffany shared how networking with in her company was the key to landing her current position. All of the panelists equipped the crowd with great advice and action items to maneuver their field as a new/recent grad.

Speaker Panel

Couldn’t make it to the conference? No worries, we have compiled our favorite tips for you to refer to as you ascend the ladder to greatness!

Get really good at your first position.

Don’t complain, instead turn it around and figure out how you can help other people in your office. Your ambition to take on more work will speak volumes of your ambition and dedication to the job.

Look for things you can do to add lines in your resume.

Perhaps your current position isn’t everything you ever dreamed of, that’s okay! Simply look for things you can do to supplement your current position.

Figure out a balance for the haters.

People that aren’t complacent tend to make others uncomfortable. When you start making a name for yourself in the company other people will find a way to belittle your achievements or feel like you are over stepping your boundaries. It’s important you choose which battles you want to fight.

Find your internal and external mentors.

It is important to find someone within the company that can help you navigate office politics and someone you can learn from. Finding an external mentor helps you put everything into perspective. They have no ties to the company so they will tell you how your situation appears from an unbiased opinion.

Learn who you need to be for you and not for other people.

While it is important to get along with your coworkers, do not lose sight of your goals and who you are.

Find reasons to get promoted.

Promotions do not fall out of thin air for most of us. With this in mind figure out how you can get promoted, how do you quantify your contributions to the company? How are you continuing to learn and grow?

Do not stop networking once you get the position.

It is important that you build relationships with the people who have helped you get to your current position. Sending thank you notes and email are essential; however following up a couple months down the road will truly make a difference.

Speaker Panel

As young professionals of the digital generation, “millennials,” we are always looking for what’s next. Whether it’s with music, technological innovation or trips abroad, we have our eyes set towards the horizon. The ‘How to Move Up’ panel spoke to the overachiever in all of us looking to advance in our careers, break glass ceilings and climb our individual ladder to success. I don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see you at the top!

Speaker Panel

Do you have any tips for the FindSpark community on Moving to the Top? Leave them in the comments below!

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