How to Navigate New York City

It has taken some adjusting to go from from being a kid in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, to college (also in the suburbs), to moving to the city. Suffice it to say, there are a few things I wish I had known when I first arrived. Getting used to the smaller spaces, public transportation, and the crowds that ensue are all part of life in the city.

Below are some tips for you new New Yorkers on saving money in these areas.

Grocery Shopping

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National grocery chain stores will have more affordable prices. While the smaller stores feel more local and are usually a little bit more accessible throughout different neighborhoods, they are the more expensive options.

It saves to shop at national store chains because many of them have national pricing, so their prices do not vary in between New York and other cities across the country.

The process of grocery shopping is also different in the city. While grocery stores across the country are equipped with large shopping carts, name brand products, and wide aisles to easily maneuver through, NYC is a little different.

In the city, grocery stores stock their food very close together with few brand choices in the narrow aisles, so be ready to navigate through them. I would recommend using a hand basket if possible.

One other option that many people utilize is the farmers markets that are all over New York City. Such markets can be found in Hell’s Kitchen, Union Square, Astoria, and many neighborhoods in Brooklyn.


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One great thing that every new New Yorker should utilize in the city is public transportation. While many suburban-turned city people are used to cars, having one in New York is not a necessity.

Utilizing the subway is one of  the most affordable way to get around the city. Cabs are great, but usually take longer and are much more expensive. Traffic can be very heavy at certain times in NYC, so the subway is a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. The subway is very safe, and there are emergency buttons in every car if you’re ever feeling unsafe.

Do you have any tips on how to begin navigating around the Big Apple? Share with us the comments section below.


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