How to Network in New York City As a Student or Intern this Summer

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The summer of 2020 was the summer of lost opportunities. Thousands of students lost their chance to intern in New York City and cities around the world. Some programs went remote, but many employers were caught unprepared with how to offer remote programs, let alone programs with robust networking opportunities for their interns.

Enter summer of 2021 – a summer filled with potential. New York City is set to fully re-open soon, almost half of the population of New York has received at least one dose of the vaccine, offices are starting to open and people are getting back into the swing of connecting in-person.

If you’re a student and your goal is to intern or work in the Big Apple one day, or you already have an NYC summer internship, it’s imperative that you spend time networking this summer.

Here are the strategies you should keep in mind to build your network of New York City contacts in any industry this summer.

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Get Vaccinated

No matter where you are and what your plans are this summer, get vaccinated. Many offices and events will likely require you to be vaccinated in order to participate in IRL activities. Vaccinations are free and now available to anyone over the age of 16 who wants one.

Learn more about where to find a vaccine location near you here:

Live in or Visit New York City to Network In Person (Even if Your Internship is Remote)

Consider choosing a time period to live in New York City and network as much as possible when you’re there, even if you’re interning remotely or don’t have an internship. Staying in New York City is certainly a financial investment, but it can really pay off when you have a plan. Choosing where to stay or live in New York City as a student can be overwhelming. Check out our partner 1760 Third – conveniently located, safe, dorm-style student-only housing with single rooms, private bathrooms, and tons of amenities.

Before you pick the dates you will be in New York, look up when networking events in your industry are happening and plan your stay around 1-3 key events.

Reach out to future mentors and pros you admire to ask for informational interviews during the time period you’ll be there. It will help to say that you’re “in town” for a limited amount of time (include the time period) and that you’re hoping to connect with folks in person when possible.

When you do ask for informational interviews, specify that you’d be thrilled to meet up for an in-person coffee, but that you’re of course open to virtual as well. Even prior to COVID-19, it was always a good rule of thumb to meet people where it’s convenient for them. This summer, this might mean having to go to their neighborhood where they live vs near an office.

Finally, use your college connections. Connect with alumni from your school who are located in New York City, request informational interviews in person, and see if there are any alumni networking events happening when you’re in town. Reach out to your college alumni and career offices to see if they have recommendations for who you should connect with. You should also ask your favorite professors for intros to their former students who live in NYC.

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Attend Virtual Events (Access is Easier than Ever)

If you can’t be in NYC in person (and even if you can), use virtual events to build your network of New York professionals. From conferences hosted by employers to webinars to more casual virtual industry hangouts, scour the web and your network and create your own calendar of virtual events.

When you’re trying to make connections in a specific city virtually, focus on virtual events hosted by New York-based institutions, companies, and networking groups.

Socialize with Your Peers Online & Offline (That’s Networking, too!)

As up-and-coming professionals, it’s easy to focus on connecting with “higher-ups” within your industry or company. It’s important to remember that surrounding yourself with ambitious peers is just as powerful.

For instance, at 1760 3rd Avenue, all residents are students and interns in similar positions as you. When you’re in an environment like that, take advantage of the social activities as a way to connect with other students and interns.

Be sure to attend any programs, online or offline, offered by your internship. In addition to intern-only programs, check to see if any general professional development or team-building events are open to interns as well.

Consider starting your own peer meetups or hangouts. Start with some classmates and use social media to connect with others in your industry who have similar career interests.

Building your network is more important now than it’s ever been. Push yourself (safely) outside your comfort zone this summer and you’ll be sure to see your career opportunities increase.

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