How to Prepare to Find the Spring Internship of Your Dreams in New York City

This week I decided to mix it up. Video entry below. Let me know what you think.

(Note the appropriately colored background, yup, my kitchen is lime green.)

PS: I did land my dream internship at Time Out New York Magazine as the Marketing and Events/Design intern. And I really think these four tips lead me to it.

New York City Internship Map web
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Share your best tips or any questions in the comments.

6 comment on “How to Prepare to Find the Spring Internship of Your Dreams in New York City

  1. Awesome vlog entry! Using LinkedIn to research previous interns at the company is a GREAT tip. When I was applying for internships in college, I did as much research about the company and the people in the department I was interested in working with. Another great tip is to use Google news alert as a way to always be on top of what’s happening with the company! Trust me, they will be impressed when you mention their latest event or campaign.

  2. Great vlog with lots of great information! I’m looking for a spring internship. While New York is ideal, I’m looking at other cities too. I’ll definitely try to incorporate your tips to hopefully kick start my career! Thanks. :)

  3. Hey Emily, Awesome entry! I love the video format.  Just a question: You mention looking up the company and your potential supervisors a lot (on LinkedIn and Google-ing), and I’m always worried about seeming TOO stalker-y or obsessive in interviews.. Like maybe letting slip something I saw on the internet that they did the other day, even though I don’t really know them yet. Do you have any tricks for preventing this potential awkwardness? How do you look well-researched, but not stalker-y?

    • Hi Danya,

      Great question. There is definitely a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and sometimes that line can seem blurry. It’s great to have a lot of information back pocket so you have talking points you can naturally insert into the conversation. 

      Take the lead from your interviewer in terms of casual vs professional. If you found out they love a certain TV show that you’re obsessed with as well, and they happen to bring it up during the interview, of course feel free to show your excitement and shared love of pop culture. But don’t feel like you have to force things you discovered online into the conversation, that’s where things may come across as “stalker-y.”

      In general, things you can learn about the company as a whole will always impress an interviewer. It shows you did your research! 

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