How to Stay Curious – 5 Lessons from Ashley Parrish, Editor-in-Chief of DailyCandy

NY Creative Interns July 2012 Mixer kbs+p

On July 10, 2012 over 50 college students, recent grads and professionals packed the house at kbs+p and NY Creative Interns monthly mixer. Ashley Parrish was the guest of honor this time, and she gave some great information about the various twists and turns in her editorial career path, in addition to making attendees laugh and genuinely enjoy her presence. She eventually climbed her way up to where she is now – Editor in Chief for the site DailyCandy, which is geared towards women.

NY Creative Interns July 2012 Mixer Ashley T Parrish

The absolute takeaways from Ashley’s experience and presentation were to stay curious. Her top five tips are below.

Top Five Tips for Staying Curious

  1. Read voraciously. Whether personal or work related material, reading is a smart way to spend your time.
  2. Keep track of great ideas. Make it work for you, try using apps or paper journals.
  3. Make time for creative projects. In other words, turn those great ideas into action.
  4. “Find the pain points.” Think of ways to make your organization or industry better, and share them with people that matter.
  5. Network like nobody’s business. Look for ways to bridge online and offline meetings, using Twitter for instance. New to the platform? You can sign up for our Skillshare class and find out everything you need to know for mastering Twitter for career development.

More On Pain Points

Ashley’s fourth tip is actually what catapulted her career. She once sent out a memo with suggestions she had researched. At first, she didn’t here back and at one point was worried about the consequences. In the end, however, higher ups agreed with the recommendations in Ashley’s memo. Her advice for submitting such suggestions of your own is to start small. For instance, name just three things that can be changed immediately, what your team can do about them and the anticipated benefits for your organization.

NY Creative Interns July Mixer 2012 Presentation

Refreshments were served, following the usual combination of: guest speaker presentation, opportunities to announce job openings, as well as our forte – great networking. Check out our Facebook album for more photos of the July Mixer.

See Ashley’s entire presentation on the NY Creative Interns Slideshare.

Did you attend, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. We also hope that you join us for our Happy Hour, this coming Wednesday.

NY Creative Interns July 2012 Mixer Networking

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Judi was the mentor of NY Creative Intern Tushar Khandelwal in 2011. She is currently available for work in all areas of digital marketing, and her passion is the arts. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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