21 Ways to Say Thank You to the People Who’ve Impacted Your Career

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The holiday season is the perfect time to say thank you to those that have helped shape your career, and there are tons of ways to show you’re thankful. Need help finding creative ways to show how grateful you are? We’ve got you covered. Here are some ways to express your gratitude to those who have made an impact, no matter how great or small.


  1. Write them a physical thank you card
  2. Make a post on Facebook
  3. Call them and thank them
  4. Send a gif-laden email
  5. Send a message on LinkedIn
  6. Treat them to lunch or coffee
  7. Give them a shout-out on Twitter
  8. Post a picture of the two of you together on Instagram
  9. Facetime or Skype with them
  10. Bring in a treat or bake something
  11. Invite them to speak at an event you’re planning
  12. Write a blog post about something they taught you
  13. Introduce them to someone you know they’d benefit from meeting
  14. Nominate them for an award
  15. Toast to them at a company gathering
  16. Send them a small gift
  17. Just take the time to say thank you the next time you see them in-person
  18. Leave a post-it note on their desk
  19. Give them a shout-out in the company newsletter or communication network
  20. Publicly thank them at a meeting
  21. Make a short video and post on social media

There you have it. Do these things, and you’re guaranteed to be left feeling full of happiness (which almost totally beats being full of food).

One comment on “21 Ways to Say Thank You to the People Who’ve Impacted Your Career

  1. Yes, you must thank all those who have helped, you network with and/or friends that were supportive, it is the best way to show you care.

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