How To Use LinkedIn To Its Fullest Potential (VIDEO)

Find & Follow Your Passion is a full day conference designed to give emerging creative professionals the tools needed to kickstart their dream careers, through panels, workshops, networking and fun.  The next conference will take place on Saturday, November 10th, this time at Pratt Institute in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. To give you a sense of what the conference is all about, we will be releasing videos from the panel discussions from the last conference, which delve into topics such as using social media to advance your career, pursuing your dream job, and networking effectively to make great connections.

The purpose of Find & Follow Your Passion is about providing young creatives the information and tools they need to pursue their goals, whatever those goals may be. This session touched on the ins and outs of LinkedIn, and is especially relevant to anyone interested in learning how to use LinkedIn as a branding and networking tool:

The takeaway? Understand the importance of having an online social presence and use that understanding to leverage you and your work experience to bring you closer to securing that dream job.

Using LinkedIn to Its Fullest Potential
Photo courtesy of  Galo Delgado
Workshop Leader:

Alicia Tyree is a Product Consultant at LinkedIn and partners with LinkedIn’s product team to roll out new products, collect customer feedback, and help corporate recruiters leverage social media for branding and hiring. Prior to this, Alicia worked on marketing, community engagement, and other sundries for a number of scrappy NYC startups. She received a BA in Individualized Study, with a concentration in Linguistics from NYU.


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