How to Use Social Media to Network: 6 Specific Examples

Social media makes it possible for you to connect with people at scale. Yet understandably, many people are overwhelmed when it comes to learning how to use various platforms, deciding how often to use them, and what’s appropriate and what’s not.

In conjunction with our upcoming free, live, virtual installment of Hashtag to Hired: Use Social Media to Land a Job on Tuesday, June 25 at 8pm EST we bring you specific examples of how you can use social media to maintain your relationships and create new ones.

Congratulate people when something great happens.

Did your friend get a new job title? Has your boss recently launched a blog? Use LinkedIn to comment on your connections’ updates and announcements.

Emily Miethner Social Networking Tips 1

Reach out to people you’ve never met in person.

When we reach out to potential speakers, often times in addition to sending an email we’ll find out if they are active on a certain social media platform and get in touch with them there as well.

Emily Miethner Social Networking Tips 2

Be accessible to those who might want to get in touch with you.

When you’re on a real time platform like Twitter it makes it easy for people to get in contact with you. This is key for people who are looking for jobs. Make it easy for people to find you and reach out (I’m a big fan of putting your email address everywhere). I responded to this reporter within minutes of seeing her tweet, which she appreciated.

Emily Miethner Social Networking Tips 3

Post about companies you love and make sure they see it.

What brands and companies inspire you? Which do you want to work for? Send them shout outs through social media from time to time. You’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to your application and interview because they might recognize you or your username.

Emily Miethner Social Networking Tips 4

When interesting people interact with you, interact back.

When interesting new people come across your home feed, take the time to reach out and say hi if it looks like you might be able help them out and have common interests. I always click on the profiles of people who favorite my tweets and in addition to saying thanks, sometimes I take the interaction a step further through email.

Emily Miethner Social Networking Tips 5

Engage with people you’re trying to get in touch with.

Whenever I’m trying to get in touch with someone via email, before I follow up with more emails I’ll interact with them though a social network or two. Of course, I never force it by saying things (or tweeting things) I wouldn’t normally say.

Emily Miethner Social Networking Tips 6

Want to learn more? We hope to see you in our upcoming class,  Hashtag to Hired: Use Social Media to Land a Job on Tuesday, June 25 at 8pm EST.

How do you use social media to network with people? Comment with your best tips.


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