Hustler Bootcamp: Upgrade Your Online Presence

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About this Event:

Are you actually using LinkedIn and Twitter to their full potential?

Do you use social media to not only connect with people you already know, but make new connections, and strengthen the ones you already have?

Have you accomplished a lot, and need to know how to best show off those accomplishments online?

Then you need to attend this workshop. 

This event is for doers who want the support of an awesome community of real people who want to move their careers forward.

Most people are missing out on tons of career opportunities because they aren’t utilizing social media platforms enough.

We’ll show you if you’re consistently “putting yourself out there” online through the methods we’ll share, that career opportunities will come to you. 

At The Hustler Bootcamp You Will Learn How To…

  • Use Twitter to network at events, before, during, and after
  • Optimize your bios and summary
  • Write a LinkedIn headline that will catch a recruiter’s attention
  • Know the difference between posting and publishing on LinkedIn
  • Use #hashtags the right way
  • Send follow up messages that get replies
  • Get the attention of people you admire (we’ll share actual Tweet templates)
  • Make the most of your profiles using different management tools
  • Practice common social media etiquette

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