I Was a New York Creative Intern: Grace Canlas, Of A Kind

We’re thrilled to feature Grace Canlas in our “I Was an NY Creative Intern” series. I had the pleasure of meeting Grace, Colorado transplant, at my Skillshare class, Hustle 101: Networking for Recent Grads. Grace is indeed a hustler, managing to land a full-time job at her dream company, which also happened to be the place where she was interning, Of a Kind.

About Of a Kind:

Each week, we select one designer whose work we love to feature on the site. We share a series of stories about that designer—inspirations, personal life, taste, training, you name it—along with a limited-edition piece designed exclusively for Of a Kind.

We aim to support and promote on-the-rise fashion designers who get us excited by giving you access to their unique products and stories. We hope to offer something special and rare to others like us: People who want to know the story behind everything, people who are the first to hear about the next big artist/designer/musician/chef, people who shop as much for the experience as they do for the product.


How many internships have you had, and where?
I’ve actually only had one internship! I interned at Of a Kind in New York.

What’s the coolest thing that has happened to you as a result of an internship?
It’s a toss-up between meeting the The Man-Repeller on the street while running errands and getting hired [at Of a Kind].

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t fall in love with what you’ve accomplished so far. (My dad said that.)
Grace Canlas I Was a NY Creative Intern Of a Kind

What’s your favorite part of your current job?
Is it cheating to mention two things? Yeah? Well, whatever— I really do have two favorite things. I get to work with and learn from so many smart, hard-working, and straight up inspirational people.

I also really enjoy the special one-off projects we do— it’s only January, but we’ve already done a couple collaborations with other outstanding companies this year. Warby Parker graciously invited us in one of their yurts during the last leg of their Holiday Spectacle Bazaar. We also got to do a designer-customer event at A Start-Up Store. It’s refreshing and fun to have real life conversations with people about what we do at Of a Kind.

oak at warby Of a KindPhoto via Warby Parker blog.

It’s 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. What are you doing?
I am at the Of a Kind Global HQs, spending some quality time with gmail. I’m probably also eating a snack (a pretty key component of our corporate culture).

If you could intern anywhere now, where would you intern?
It would be an absolute dream to intern at a gallery or museum— like the MOMA or the Met. It’s a world I’m not too familiar with but it’s super interesting to me.

What would you put in an Intern Survival Kit?
+ Smart phone (having Google Maps + Gmail literally in the palm of my hand has been— and still is— monumentally helpful.)
+ Metrocard (lots of running around New York to be had.)
+ An umbrella (can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught in gross New York rain sans umbrella. Not worth it.)
+ SNACKS (specifically: turkey jerky and wasabi seaweed snacks from Trader Joe’s. Trust.)

Do you have any questions for Grace about having an internship in fashion or working at a Fashion startup? Ask away in the comments. Also feel free to reach out to her at gccanlas at gmail dot com.


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