25+ Amazing Career Page Ideas to Steal Right Now

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If you’re serious about recruiting people who are passionate about your company’s work, your careers page can be a major asset to impress them.

54% of U.S. adults job hunt online, which means that candidates (for better or worse) have access to tons of information about your company and what it’s like to work there.

The good news is, your careers site lets you regain ownership of your company’s story.

So, without further ado here are a few examples of how companies around the web use killer design, content, and UX inspiration to tell their story to prospective candidates, and how you can do it too!



The Chicago marketing startup puts culture first on its careers page. They use employee testimonials to help prospective candidates get a grassroots understanding of their values before they apply.



Masters of information and data, Bloomberg’s use of video creates an engaging user experience and tells their story in full colors.



“We are our people” is the motto on the Brandwatch careers page. They also integrate their Instagram feed so candidates can get a deep sense of their culture, people, and values.



Carrot keeps their page fun and engaging with casual, story-like copy that links to multiple testimonials and other employee-first content. They also open the page with company perks. Never a bad move.



Want candidates to be up to speed with your latest achievements? Keep a company news section in your careers page to keep candidates excited and updated.



This career page incorporates a healthy “dose” of fun. Consider using a silly pic for your career landing page if you want to show off your spunk and spirit to candidates. For more ideas on how to create a sassy, silly jobs page check out Dose’s.


Harry’s truly understands that we live in a content-first world. It’s not about the information; it’s about the story. Their (actually hilarious) welcome video dishes out everything you need to know about Harry’s culture, history, and values in a few minutes.



Check out HAVI’s “How we support you” and “How we challenge you” sections for inspiration on how to communicate expectations and values effectively to prospective candidates.



Going for edgy and high-tech? Heineken’s “Go Places” is a virtual, interactive interview simulation that walks visitors through a series of career choices. The choose your own adventure-style portal gives candidates a chance to contemplate key decisions before they dive into the application process.

Want to see what’s behind that door? Head over to the Heineken careers page.



Bold, HUGE, and in-your-face copy. Take tips from the international digital marketing agency on how to give candidates real talk and not-so-subtle cues about your amazing culture.



An FAQ section, like the one featured in Jellyvision’s careers page, can save your candidates and your HR team time and confusion. You can tell Jellyvision is looking out for the HR folks, even on their career page.


Jet takes company colors to a whole new level. Check out Jet’s jobs page for inspiration on how to use your visual identity to craft a solid employer brand.


Kickstarter’s jobs page will make you want to start a Kickstarter to fund an office photo shoot. Head over to their jobs site to get inspiration on how you can use stunning pics to elevate your employer brand.


They raised the bar for great content in entertainment, and now they’re doing it for career sites, too! We love the Netflix jobs section because it’s filled with great, authentic stories about their culture and achievements.


On a mission? Oscar, our favorite healthcare startup, sure is. Take cues from Oscar on how to use a bold CTA to find candidates that are just as passionate about your mission as you are.


Their meaningful motto and seamless UX secured R/GA a spot on our list. Head over to their careers section to find out how to create an intuitive and friendly experience for your candidates from day one.

 Rise Interactive

 Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive includes a video on their homepage that defines what they do and who their people are. After grabbing the user’s attention, a single scrolling page shows more specific information about the company. Head over to their site for inspiration on how to catch a candidate’s eye.

Scripps Network Interactive

Show candidates the human side of the application! If you show them your recruitment team has personality, they’re more likely to you some of their own. Head over to Scripps’ job section to see how it’s done.

Scripps FindSpark Example Company Career Page

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder’s “pact” is borderline cultish…and we love it! Be vocal about your values, and you’re sure to attract candidates who match your level of enthusiasm. Check out Tough Mudder’s career section for inspiration on how to do so with an edge.

Tough Mudder FindSpark Example Company Career Page


Time Inc.

Time Inc. is all about top-line content, so it makes sense that they’d feature some of it on their careers page. The site has seamless user experience and a good model on how to market your company’s career niches, like fellowships and training programs.

The Marketing Store

You may already be using color theory, even if unintentionally, in your company branding.  Use warm colors like red and orange to incite action and drive conversions (or, in this case, applications) with warm colors like red and orange. Check out The Marketing Store’s career section for an example on how to use a vibrant color scheme to drive results.


Uncommon Goods

Have unique perks, like Uncommon Goods’ “Open Book Policy” (the company’s policy of sharing their financial results company-wide every week)? Make sure they’re front and center in your careers’ page to give candidates a sense of what makes working with you so special.

Uncommon Goods FindSpark Example Company Career Page


“We do it for love” is at the top of this Hustle Summit employer’s career section. They welcome visitors with a list of reasons why employees love Vimeo, and how Vimeo shows love back, ensuring that prospective candidates feel instant good vibes when they scroll through Vimeo’s careers page.




We Are Unlimited

The careers section this creative agency and Hustle Summit employer is even more inspiring than your “inspirational quotes” Pinterest board. Don’t believe us? Head over to their careers site to get some serious inspiration on how to make candidates feel more, well, inspired. 


Award-winning marketing agency, VML stands out by telling us exactly what makes them unique and what motivates them to do great work every day. Their values come first on their careers page, and that’s something every candidate can get inspired by.


Workday lets their employees talk for themselves. Their careers page is studded with glowing testimonials from the folks who work there and, of course, doesn’t miss the opportunity let us know they’re Fortune’s #18 Best Company to Work For.

Xo Group

Xo Group doesn’t mess around–and neither does their careers section. The site has stellar UX and makes it super easy for candidates to get all facts in one place.



Want to hire top millennial talent? Show them you speak their language with digital and social media integrations, like the built-in Instagram feed in Yotpo’s careers page (scroll to the bottom). This is also an awesome way to display brand and culture with originality.



Know a career page you think should’ve made it on our list? Share it with us in the comments!

Want to connect your company to top, diverse early career talent? Learn more about how FindSpark can support your company’s recruitment, diversity and inclusion, and employer branding goals through on our online and offline programs. Sign up here: findspark.com/employers

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