The Importance of Integrating Personal and Professional Purpose

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Purpose. A simple word, but one with a lot of weight behind it. Why? Because purpose implies something larger, something bigger than oneself, and that can be a bit scary. We often find ourselves asking, “What’s the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning?” “What do I want to accomplish in my career?” Or, “What can I do to contribute to my community and society?” For many, these questions can be difficult to answer.

Purpose can often be misinterpreted as a far-reaching ideal rather than as a part of our daily routines. In general, people tend to think about the concept of purpose through the lens of personal purpose. Some will settle for a typical desk job, then dedicate their personal time to changing the world or supporting a cause they believe in (just not during the hours between 9 AM and 5 PM, of course).

At Publicis Health, purpose is deeply rooted in everything we do and helping our people identify their unique purpose is one of our core values. We know a job should be more than simply a paycheck, and we believe in the idea that one’s personal purpose and professional purpose are inextricably intertwined. Purpose informs everything we do at Publicis Health—from the life-changing work we do with clients to create better health outcomes for people, to our talent philosophy of helping our people achieve careers that get them out of bed in the morning.

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Now that we’ve covered off on Publicis Health’s purpose, let’s talk about how one goes about achieving their own true purpose in life.

Here’s a secret: it’s OK if you don’t yet know your purpose. It simply starts with changing your mindset.

For the lucky few, purpose clicks right away. For the vast majority, the journey of self-discovery to fulfill one’s purpose takes time, introspection, and work. In my experience, it wasn’t until I had a few years of professional experience under my belt that I started finding my purpose at work and in life. Sure, I always liked my job. But once I started self-reflecting on my motivations, my passions, and my strengths, I began to understand how my day-to-day life at work could impact me ultimately fulfilling my purpose.

For someone tapping into the journey of self-discovery, I urge them to consider two key questions that were the most impactful for me in finding my purpose.

What are you the go-to person for when others need help?

Throughout my entire life, I’ve always been the person people come to with their problems. From my closest friends to folks whom I’ve had brief exchanges with and just met, my empathetic nature creates a space for people to feel comfortable and safe confiding in me.

What have others seen in you that you did not see in yourself?

Due to my empathetic nature, I realized I have a passion for helping others. I care deeply about other people’s feelings, level of comfort, and the ability to grow. My goal is to provide the tools, care, and guidance to nurture and help those around me succeed, and I will do everything in my power to be an advocate for others. In reflecting upon these two questions, it finally brought me to my true purpose: to help others find THEIR purpose.

Fast forward ten years, and I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill my purpose each and every day at Publicis Health.

The journey of fulfilling purpose in life is fluid and requires reflection, commitment, and honestly with oneself.

No matter where someone is in the journey, the purpose should be a guiding principle in all we do.

Publicis Health is united around one purpose: to create a world where people are motivated and equipped to take control of their health. This radically patient-centric purpose informs our people, our ideas, and the work we do as the premier dynamic health engagement platform—a portfolio of companies purpose-built to drive engagement and optimize outcomes.  

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About the Author: Lori DePace is the Program Manager of the Early Careers team at Publicis Health, in the New York City office. She has been working with students to help connect their purpose within the health advertising industry for over eight years and has helped grow the Publicis Health internship program into an intensive 9-week learning and development experience. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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