Interview Secrets That Will Land You a Job at EILEEN FISHER

We asked Celeste Thompson, Talent Leader at sustainable fashion retailer and Hustle Summit employer EILEEN FISHER, how to stand out at an interview and land a job with their company. We’ve shared her answers below.

Celeste also joined us at our interactive workshop, Recruiters Reveal and shared tips in real-time with our community. You can watch her talk and interview tips here.

People throw around the word “culture fit” frequently. What are some unique elements of your company’s culture, and how does that play into the interview process and what you look for in candidates?

I never understood “corporate culture” deeply until joining EILEEN FISHER.  Culture is so important here that we have a Chief Culture Officer and a few teams that are in charge of People & Culture. At EILEEN FISHER you can see, smell and taste the culture.

It comes in the kind of inclusion, collaboration, altruism, transparency, humility and authenticity, the way we show up.

What’s a question you like to ask in interviews, and what are you trying to learn from the answer?

One of my favorites is, “What does success look like at the company you currently work at?”

Because I believe that successful attributes and behaviors vary from one company to the next, it’s important to gauge what an individual is used to being assessed on. Then I can decide whether those skills and behaviors would be deemed successful at EILEEN FISHER.

Celeste (right) at our epic networking night, Hustle Summit.

What’s a unique element of the hiring process at your company?

Maybe it’s no longer unique, but it was: our highly collaborative interview style. At all levels, there’s lots of cross-pollination, so we like to get a sense of what kind of collaborator the candidate will be.

Can you share examples of impressive questions candidates have asked you during the interview process?

I like the question, “what would make me successful in this role at EILEEN FISHER?” I also think it’s wise to ask your interviewer about them here. A good question to ask me would be, “what keeps you here, at EILEEN FISHER?”

Celeste shares tips in real-time at our FindSpark workshop, Recruiters Reveal

What’s a reason a candidate may not get the job, aside from “they’re not good enough”?

Perhaps not being a culture fit, being too hierarchical, or structured and adverse to a constantly changing environment…welcome to the Fashion Industry! 

In what ways do you encourage candidates to stay on your company’s radar if they don’t get the job?

Email me….and they do!

Final interview and career tip?

Be kind to everyone you meet when going on an interview, only work in places that you feel align with your values, and ask LOTS of questions.

Don’t forget you can watch Celeste’s talk at our event and interview tips here.

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