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On Thursday, November 19th, we brought in top pros from Warby Parker, IBM, Univision, and The Madison Square Garden Company for Land the Job: An Interactive Interview Workshop. Learn how to perfect your interviewing skills and confidently pitch to employers with tips from these top NYC companies.

Have Direction

“Always know what you want and have a will to learn. It’s not just about a paycheck.” 
– Shaton Winston, Senior Interactive Copywriter at IBM

Know the industry, company, and job you want to target. This shows employers and recruiters that you’re passionate, convicted, and serious about their company and your career.

Rachel Wintermute poured her energy and time into solely applying to Warby Parker – she followed the company on social media and stayed up-to-date on company news. She researched Warby Parker so well that she could reiterate their entire website!

Do Your Research

“I look for drive and commitment. I keep those people in mind for future roles.”
– Francisco Estrada, Director of Staffing and Development at Univision

Doing homework on the company you want to work for gives you an advantage over other candidates: research the company’s services, markets, products, press releases, and company strategies. You should know all about what they do and why you’re interested in working for them. Knowledge is power.

Practice, Practice, Practice

“Preparation + self-reflection = self-confidence.”
– Francisco Estrada

Practice answering typical interview questions in front of a mirror or record yourself and evaluate what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Communicating your strengths, skills, and experience clearly and concisely will impress interviewers. Researching the company and practicing how to answer questions will give you the confidence you need to rock your interview.

Remember to also dress appropriately: “Know the environment you’re going into. Dressing for the office culture speaks volumes.”Rachel Wintermute

When you feel good about yourself, you’ll answer questions in a calm and collected way.

FindSpark_Land the Job

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Banares

Spell It Out

If you don’t have the right experience that a job description asks for, use your previous experience to tell a story of how transferable your skills are. Explicitly connect the dots for employers.Victor Gonzalez, Talent Acquisition Consultant at The Madison Square Garden Company, says to review your resume and ask yourself these questions: “Why did I do this? What did I get out of it? How do I transfer those skills?” 

Hiring managers interview multiple candidates. Make it easy for them to understand how your talents and personality are a good fit for their company.

“We can train you to do the work, but we can’t train you to be a good person. Personality is important.”
Shaton Winston


“Proofread everything. Don’t tell me you’re detail-oriented, then email me with a typo.”
Rachel Wintermute, Recruiter at Warby Parker

Make sure to send a grammatically correct and well-formed thank-you note to the interviewer. Convey genuine interest about the company and how you’re looking forward to the next steps.

“A follow-up email every week or so reminds me you’re around and shows me you’re persistent.”
–  Victor Gonzalez

How do you prepare for interviews? What interview tips work for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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