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This Tuesday at 6:30pm we’re holding our second Interview Workshop. After our first mock interview event received such great feedback, we knew we had to hold another. The event is split into three chunks; networking, a panel, and one on one mock interviews. That’s right, every attendee will be matched with a professional and get some quality time together.

About the panel topic:

We’re sure you’ve been told what you should do on an interview, but do you really feel prepared? What about an impromptu interview? Whether on the bus, through a friendly email, or at a networking event, you never know when a chance encounter could lead to your next opportunity. Can you make impromptu interviews happen, or is it just luck?  NY Creative Interns is here to help you practice this stage in the Interview Ninja series: the Impromptu Interview.

This is a smaller sized event so you’re guaranteed lots of time to meet everyone and ask lots of questions. Have any questions you’d ask? Let us know in the comments and we’ll ask them during the event.

RSVP here.

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