Introducing the NY Creative Interns Job Board: The Best Internships and Entry-Level Jobs in New York City

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand spanking new Job Board!


We’ve been working hard to make sure this job board is unlike any other you’re currently using. Here’s how our Job Board is different:

  • Curated. Every single opportunity is hand-picked by the NY Creative Interns team. We promise to only list the coolest opportunities at the most exciting companies.
  • Hyper-local. All our opportunities are listed in New York City. Not the tri-state area, just NYC.
  • Niche. We will only be posting creative jobs. Think photography, fashion, design, social media, fine art, advertising, marketing, performing arts, music, and other creative pursuits.
  • Internships and entry-level jobs only. You don’t need to worry that you’re applying for senior positions that you’re not right for. All our listings are internships or jobs that require 0-2 years of experience.
  • Ease of use. You don’t need to create an account or go through a long registration process in order to see or apply for jobs. Go to the job board, find an opportunity that interests you, and apply. It’s that simple.

We know you’ll love the Job Board and we look forward to hearing your feedback. After you have the chance to explore it please share any and all feedback here. As a thank you, you’ll find a code for free entry to an upcoming event at the end of the survey.

You can also share your thoughts in the comments, on Tweet at us, or post on our Facebook page.

P.S. Know an employer looking for young talent? Tell them to apply to list with us here.

About the Author

Marny Smith was the VP and Director of Community of FindSpark for 2.5 years. She is a FindSpark Advisor, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Diversity Advocate, and Employment Specialist connecting young adults with developmental disabilities with supportive employers. Interested in learning more about hiring individuals with disabilities? Feel free to reach out:

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