Here’s Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide


Good ol’ St. Valentine’s Day. Did you know that there is a 5:7 chance that this holiday will fall on a weekday? That means a 5:7 chance that you’ll be avoiding the person in accounting who gave you the “I Choo Choo Choose You” card last year. Don’t fret, it’s also Friday! Here’s a breakdown of how to get through Valentine’s Day while at work.

7:15 AM – You snoozed in, just wear red or pink.

You probably were going to anyway. Unless you’re the rebellious type, or you just forgot. Just don’t wear anything provocative, obviously. This is a holiday of love, not a holiday of awkward office distractions.

9:18 AM – Quiz: You walk into your office – what’s the first thing you do?

A smart person makes a bee line to the pink frosted donuts that are out in the office kitchen. Can you hear them? Quietly, they’re saying, “Eaatt mee, pleassee! I’m freee and no one know’s who bouuughtt meee!” Grab one, and THEN go to your desk. DO NOT GO TO YOUR DESK FIRST. You don’t know how many will be left by the time you return. Leave the napkin – you need to be aggressive. There will be moments in your career when you will face “it’s now or never”circumstances. Seize the opportunity before it’s too late.

9:21 AM – Take a coffee break!

Yes, your day didn’t start yet, but still, take a coffee break. While holding your pink frosted donut, after dropping your things off at your desk, go pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, because shoot – you came to work today, and it’s Friday, and also Valentine’s Day, and also office coffee is free, so you deserve it, chief. Once you have your cup of joe, swing by your best-friend-at-work’s desk (not to be confused with best friend in real life) and “nonchalantly” discuss how “indifferent” you both are about Valentine’s Day, (even though you’re both wearing red). Maintaining friendships at work can make your office environment much more positive and fun than if you didn’t have office friends at all.


11:17 AM – Stop looking at the clock and thinking about lunch.

Look at you. You still have donut crumbs on your cheek and you’re not even hungry. Stop thinking about lunch, you have work to do. Brush off the crumbs and finish that project that’s due EOD! Do your best to avoid distractions by finding something that helps you focus. Maybe that means organizing a list of tasks, or wearing ear buds, or getting up to stretch. Do what you have to do to concentrate your energy on what needs to be finished!

12:03 PM – It’s technically “lunch time” so…

Stop. Focus.


It’s the pivotal moment in your day when you can step away for an hour to ritualistically shove almost anything in your mouth because why not. You didn’t bring lunch today, so you’ll be visiting the deli down the street that sells mediocre-at-best sandwiches at the price of a new Apple iPad. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, maybe you’ll ask you-know-who (wink, wink) to grab lunch with you! Just be careful to not overstep your boundaries. They may seem interested, but office romances are a recipe for disaster if they don’t work out. Be cautious, it’s okay to date where you work (depending on the company policy) but don’t ruin your work experience or reputation for the sake of a flirtation, you stud.

2:30 PM – So it was GARY who brought in the donuts!

You should thank Gary, because the donuts were delicious and it’s the polite thing to do. It’s a good chance to also strike up a conversation with Gary, an office mate who you’ve never officially met before. Getting to know more people you work with, gives you a better understanding of who does what in your office, which can help you in a number of ways in the future. A good boss knows what his or her subordinates do, and you want to be a boss one day, right?


3:46 PM – Quiz: You finished your project early, what do you do?

You reward yourself with another cup of coffee. But THIS time, pour a cup for yourself and your supervisor, and then  proudly strut into your supervisor’s office to tell him or her that you’re finished. (A caffeinated boss is a happy boss). Now that you’re finished with your project, offer to help on anything else that needs to be handled. Remember, folks: no matter how much work you think you have, your supervisor probably has more.

4:15 PM – You’re unexpectedly called in to a meeting to take notes!

No biggie, you’ve got this. How hard can it be to take notes? You have you’re laptop ready to go (or a steno pad and pen, no judgment) and you’re taking notes like a pro, when all of a sudden you-know-who sends you a text. So you reply. They say, “wuts up?,” and you write back, “n2m, u?” Stop putzing around with your phone and prioritize! Right now, you’re at work, and you need to take notes for whomever couldn’t attend the meeting. Understand that on a short list of priorities, your job comes before your social life, so you can wait 45 minutes to send monkey emojis.

4:55 PM – Take a risk.

TGIF! It’s almost time to head out for the long weekend. You’ve had a good Valentine’s Day so far and you’re feeling confident, so you decide to ask you-know-who to go to happy hour after work. “Sorry, I’m eh, I have to go home and wash my car?” they respond. Yikes. Have you seen it outside? It’s not car washing weather. You took a risk and you got rejected. But it’s okay, because successful people take risks, and successful people fail. A lot. The only REAL failure is never taking chances. Believe in yourself and you will go far. I believe in you!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!
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