6 Job Hunt Strategies You Need to Implement Now

This article is in partnership with MetroPlus Health Plan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NYC Health + Hospitals, the nation’s largest public health system. MetroPlus Health Plan is the plan of choice for over half a million New Yorkers.

It’s no secret that the journey to adulthood can be a rough one, and it gets even tougher when you have to start the grueling search for your first job. Since everything is online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information out there when it comes to the job hunt, but these tips will help you keep your head above water and get out of your own way.

1. Don’t Get Lost in the Spiral

The Internet is an eternal black hole of information, tips, advice, and opinions that can be overwhelming when all you want to know is how and where to find the job openings most relevant to your career path. It’s easy to become exhausted after hours of scrolling through just the first page of fifty different sites, never finding the job you’re looking for. The best advice? Find a couple job boards you trust, sign up for their newsletter, and check back regularly.

2. Don’t Stop Looking Until You Have an Offer in Writing

It’s easy to get excited after you feel like you crushed an interview. After that final handshake and “we’ll be in touch,” you may want to stop job-hunting altogether, because your hope is strong.

However, no job offer is final without an official, written acceptance, so keep searching and applying. You don’t want to skip another interview thinking you got the job and find out they gave it to someone else too late.

3. Trust Your Instincts, They Know Best

There is no better advisor than your deepest intuition, so don’t be afraid to listen to it. If you find a job on your fourth hour of searching and you desperately want to apply somewhere, but your gut says it isn’t right, don’t apply. You know yourself best, and you want your talents to be utilized in the best way. Stay motivated, hold out hope, and find what’s right for you.

4. It’s Not Always About the Money

Imagine this: You’re searching and scrolling and you come across an opening that is perfect for you. You have all the qualifications, the CEO went to your university, and it’s for a company you’ve been thinking about since sophomore year. It could be your first job in the career path you’ve been dreaming to get into and only one other person has applied for the position so far.

The only problem is the pay. You were hoping for something at a little bit of a higher rate, and your parents told you not to take under a certain amount. They expect you to have a high salary to support yourself and your friends are all making good money in their positions.

If the money issue is the only part keeping you from hitting the application button, you need to evaluate. Wouldn’t it be better to get your foot in the door and put some experience on your resume in the field you want to work in instead of listing the less-relevant position you’ve been working just to make some cash? Think of what this kind of experience will look like down the line. You’re likely to make the money you want in the field you’re passionate about if you can open the door for yourself. In short, apply for the job, because you never know what can happen.

5. It’s Okay to Take a Job that Doesn’t Offer Health Insurance

Today, you may find an amazing position that fits everything you’re looking for, but is considered “contracted” or “freelance.” If this is the case, it’s pretty likely that the job won’t offer benefits like health insurance, which would make most people cringe and not even consider applying.

However, there are so many benefits to working as a contractor, or, in other words, being your own boss. You can work from wherever works best for you (check out Kettlespace if you’re in NYC), you make your own schedule, and you cut out the costly and timely aspects of a commute. Plus, most of the time freelance and contract roles pay you more than average to make up the cost of not providing benefits.

Luckily, there are ways to get your own health insurance without breaking the bank, like through MetroPlus Health Plan in New York City. MetroPlus Health Plan is a subsidiary to NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest municipal health system in the United States. It provides quality, affordable health insurance to half a million New Yorkers and offers many different health plans. You can check them all out on their site.

6. Less is More in the Application Process

We all want to set ourselves up for success, so it may seem like your best bet is to apply to every opening that pops up under your keyword so your chances of landing one interview are greater.

Here’s a hint: less is more. You’ll be more successful if you put a lot of quality effort into a few, strong applications to positions you’re passionate about than if you send a generalized application to many positions that don’t mean a lot to you. Being thoughtful about the materials you’re sending out will not only land you an interview, but reflect better on your reputation when you start working for them!

Again, it’s easy to get caught up in the loop of search, scroll, apply, repeat, but being mindful of what you’re reading, and subsequently sending, will lead to more success short term and long term.

This article is in partnership with MetroPlus Health Plan.

Since 1985, MetroPlus Health Plan has built a reputation for providing access to affordable, quality health care to all eligible residents of New York City. A wholly-owned subsidiary of NYC Health + Hospitals, the nation’s largest public health system, MetroPlus Health Plan is the plan of choice for over half a million New Yorkers.

In addition to Medicaid Managed Care, MetroPlus Health Plan offers dozens of quality health plans, including Child Health Plus; several Medicare Plans; a Medicaid Special Needs Plan (SNP) for people with HIV and their families; a Long-Term Managed Care Plan; MetroPlus Gold, a plan exclusively for New York City employees; a HARP plan; and nearly 100 NY State of Health Marketplace products, including Essential Plans. Culturally sensitive, and fluent in more than 40 languages, MetroPlus staff is as diverse as the great city it serves.

For more information about MetroPlus Healh plans, benefits, and services, visit www.metroplus.org and join the conversation at Facebook (facebook.com/MetroPlusHealth) and Twitter@metroplushealth.

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