Why You Shouldn’t Run Your Job Search Based on Titles Alone

As hard as the job search already is, don’t make it harder on yourself by limiting yourself to your most recent experience and job title. There are different intentions behind looking for a job whether you’ve just graduated and you’re looking for your first gig post-college, or you feel stuck in your current role and you’re looking to make that next step in your career or got laid-off unexpectedly. For starters, I can tell you that all three of those happened to me, not in chronological order. So as an intermediate job searcher I wanted to share a valuable lesson I learned along the way.

Valuable Lesson: Search for jobs that match your skills, accomplishments, and passions, don’t just stick to titles.

Your Resume is your Storyline

Your experience tells a story, and throughout that story, you have many lessons. With every job, you have accomplishments, skills learned, and contributions to growth and change within your position. Reflect on the different roles listed on your resume, as you begin your job search read all the job postings. With every posting make a list of top responsibilities. Using your story you can validate your accomplishments that align with those responsibilities.  

Be confident

As your job search begins and you’re building your resume, you get to the skills section and ponder what to include. Some hard skills, computer skills, and soft skills, but the most important will be how you convey these skills to your potential employer with confidence. Be confident in your abilities not only to validate your accomplishments but the yearning to grow in your next role.

Don’t hold back

I can speak on behalf of some women, we are known to not apply for jobs unless we are 100% qualified. I took a valuable lesson from men in that they put themselves out there more than not during a job search. During my career, I have jumped industries, and title positions by putting myself out there. Don’t hold back and be afraid of failure. You will learn more and more about yourself during the job search. Through pitching yourself and getting asked different scenarios in interviews you will uncover your amazing talents.

Make yourself known

Networking is the top priority, be known for what you do. Attend events where you can make connections in and out of your workplace, industry, and job title. At these networking events, you might just meet your future, coworker, boss or walk away with a new skill. All in all, you benefit from networking and making yourself known. You are showing others you are passionate about an industry, topic, product, or service.

How have you changed your job search recently? Share in the comments below.

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