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The Junto Institute Published: October 6, 2017
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We are a small and mighty team that is doing important work: making companies and their leaders infinitely better at who they are and what they do. We take our work seriously but not ourselves, live our values on a daily basis, and stand on the shoulders of an incredible community.

This is a part-time position of 25-30 hours per week that can grow into a full-time position within the first 1-3 months.

WHY THIS ROLE EXISTS (your purpose):

  • To help our community learn more and become better.
  • To help our business grow and become more visible.
  • To support our team and help us fulfill the company’s mission.

HOW YOU WILL FULFILL THE PURPOSE (your behaviors and capabilities):

  • By being focused during our program sessions and keeping pace with the conversations.
  • By delivering written communication pieces on time and by deadlines.
  • By executing our processes and meeting our high standards.
  • By helping our team deliver a remarkable experience to our community.

WHAT YOU WILL DO (your daily activities):

  • Type notes during our program sessions, edit those notes, and distribute them to our community within specific timeframes.
  • Create daily social media posts, increase our community’s engagement with us, and monitor the company's social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) as well as our community’s networks.
  • Send important communications and reminders to members of our community.
  • Assist our team with other projects and assignments.


  • Extraordinary organization - You are someone who knows your priorities and gets joy from completing things on your to-do list. You know how to manage your workload, use software and tools to become more productive, and plan out your daily activities before attacking them. You sometimes drive people nuts because you are so organized.
  • Conscientious work ethic - You always meet the standards that have been set by following instructions diligently. You ask clarifying questions and confirm your understanding when you're in doubt of anything. You are shocked that some people will not follow the directions for this job application and instead will do what they want.
  • Masterful written communications - You have high standards and competencies in writing. You rarely have spelling errors or grammatical mistakes, spend time carefully editing and reviewing your emails, and get visibly upset when you find an oversight. Your English teacher would be proud of you.
  • Responsible team player - You prioritize your work based on what your team needs most. You tell people when you're falling behind or when you have extra time on your hands. You are collaborative versus competitive, and love being part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills - You are clear and concise when interacting with others. You make good eye contact, listen attentively, and know when to speak. You're able to pick up nonverbal cues and know how to use them yourself. It drives you nuts when people are tapping on their phone while speaking with you.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty - You realize that life is not a textbook. You're able to cope with and adapt to change but also want to take control of your situation. You are comfortable experimenting and trying new methods. Bottom line, you don't freak out when s**t happens.
  • Desire to always get better - You are never comfortable with what you know and how you do things. You consistently strive for improvement in all aspects of your life, taking big leaps and making small enhancements. You know "good enough" never is.
  • Typing speed of at least 55 WPM - You're proud that you learned how to type and are able to type without looking at the keyboard. You can either edit while you're typing, or are comfortable making errors then going back to edit them. You will easily pass the typing test if you are invited in for an interview.


  • Values-based and purpose-driven company culture.
  • Structured training and development program.
  • Strong team orientation and one-to-one mentorship.
  • Interaction with highly passionate co-workers and community.
  • High variety: no two days are alike.
  • Salary commensurate with experience and abilities.
  • West Loop location (light occasional travel in Chicagoland area).
  • Significant growth opportunities with company expansion.


Company Overview

The Junto Institute is where startup leaders grow faster than their companies are growing.

Through a nine-month apprenticeship program that taps into the wisdom of seasoned entrepreneurs and CEOs, company founders become stronger leaders, more emotionally intelligent, and better decision-makers. Their companies also benefit: the average annual revenue growth of Junto companies is 108% after enrolling and graduating.
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