A Guide to Keeping Candidates Warm During the Interview Process

You’re in the final stretch. You’ve nailed it down to the top stud candidates. You already know the job market is extremely competitive. But you are confident that your awesome benefits package, award-winning office culture, and beautiful office space is going to get them to accept your job offer.

What you didn’t see coming were those frightful words “the position has been put on hold”. Now it is up to you to keep the candidates warm, engaged and interested in the role, in the super-competitive job market.

So what do you do now? Hope for the best? Well, hope can only get you so far, but if you follow this guide you might just end up with a new team member. Keeping candidates warm throughout the interview process is an important part of the candidate experience and employer branding.

Set Expectations From The Beginning

If you are clear from the start in regards to communication and how you’ll be informing candidates on their feedback and next steps this should be the easiest. If the process is taking longer than usual, you can use various means to keep them engaged.

Sending them an email update every 4-5 days to let the candidate know you’re still thinking of them. In the email update, you can include a blog, written by an internal employee, or even an article that speaks recognizes someone at the company. 

Test the Waters: Invite Them to An Event

Are you hosting a conference, all office event, or going to have representatives at a recruitment event like, Hustle Summit? It could even be a happy hour! Invite the candidate to join in on the fun and have them meet other employees. This is especially great to see how the candidate interacts with other people if they have a high-touch point role like sales, public relations, or account management.  

If you aren’t in a high-touch point role, it’s a great opportunity to see if this is someone the team can spend 40+ hours with week to week. Collaboration in the workplace is major key to a successful team.

Show Interest in their Career Development

Invite them to a networking event, or recommend some Career influencers for them to follow. Candidates want to know that employers have a genuine interest in their development from the start and have a plan for their future in the company. 

What have you done most recently to keep a candidate warm?

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