A Holistic Approach: Well-Being as the Key to Success

Below, I have compiled a list of my biggest takeaways from the S.H.E. Summit, the Global Women’s Leadership and Lifestyle Event.

The theme that stuck out to me the most from the many different panels I attended at this two day conference was the importance of taking care of your whole self: your spiritual self, your physical self, your emotional self, your professional self, and your social selfall of these aspects of your self influence who you are and affect how successful and productive you are in your life.


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On Self-Care:

  • “In taking care of yourself, you take care of the world around you.” -Tiffany Denee Jones, Founder of PinkChoseMe
  • “When we are seen, we feel loved, we feel valued.” -Agapi Stassinopoulus, Author of Unbinding the Heart
  • “Cherish yourself. Make yourself a priority”-Agapi Stassinopoulus
  • “Don’t make a ‘to do’ list; Make a ‘to be’ and a ‘not to be’ list.”-Agapi Stassinopoulus

On Helping Others:

  • “If you have a gift, just share it. Let’s not wait for anything to share our inner gifts.” -Agapi Stassinopoulus, Author of Unbinding the Heart
  • Help yourself, help others: “The 4 magic words are:’Can you help me?’ & the 6 magic words are: ‘What can I do for you?'” -Agapi Stassinopoulus
  • “Be a go giver and a go getter. When you are a go giver, you feel so rich. You may have little money, but you feel wealthy.” -Agapi Stassinopoulus
  • “Reach out to someone who needs what you have and someone who has what you need.” -Agapi Stassinopoulus

On Acceptance:

  • “You are where you are supposed to be every second of your life. Every moment is a learning lesson. Learn, experience, receive.” -Tiffany Denee Jones, Founder of PinkChoseMe
  • “When you surrender to where you are supposed to be, that’s when the magic begins and opportunities come to you.” -Tiffany Denee Jones
  • “Stop, breathe, don’t chase things. Allow it to come to you. It’s all there.”- Tiffany Denee Jones
  • “We are all born an original, but most of us die a copy.” -Agapi Stassinopoulus’s mother

On Succeeding:

  • “Always zig when people expect you to zag.”-Alexa von Tobel, Founder & CEO at LearnVest
  • Dream big: Set the bar higher, because then even if you fail, you still fall above where you would have fallen had you not set the bar as high. -Alexa von Tobel, LearnVest

On Mentorship:

  • “Follow people you like and learn what they do.” -Alexa von Tobel, LearnVest

On Making Decisions:

  • “Would your 90-year-old self regret not doing this? Think about your 90-year-old self because they really know what is best for you.” -Alexa von Tobel, LearnVest
  • “Do what you wanna do; you’re never gonna regret it.” -Alexa von Tobel, LearnVest

On Starting a Business:

  • “Write a business plan for no one else, but you [in addition, to the business plan you share with others].” Alexa, Founder of LearnVest, describes that she made a 75 page business plan, which she recommend no one else do. But she does recommend writing out what it is you plan for your business to do, just for yourself, so you can answer and all questions from potential clients and investors.

Personal Mantras:

  • “Get up, dress up, show up. Take it one day at a time.” -Alexa von Tobel, Founder & CEO at LearnVest
  • “Have Passion.” -Michelle King Robson, Founder at EmpowHER.com

On the NEW Work-Life Balance:

  • “It’s not about the work-life balance, but rather, it’s about work-life integration. That is to say careers that mean something,” explains Maxine Bédat, Co-founder of Zady.com

On Overcoming Fear:

  • “Fears mean go” Lara Galinsky’s, Author & Senior VP at Echoing Green’s, mom Fears are like a temperature gauge that let us know something is going on.
  • “Learn to take action when it is your knee-jerk reaction to sit, do nothing, and ruminate.”-Monica Mehta, Author & Investor at The Entrepreneurial Instinct
  • “Consistently take action” – Monica Mehta
  • “Put yourself in situations that force yourself to overcome your fears.” -Maxine Bédat, Co-founder of Zady.com
  • “It’s empowering to overcome your fears”-Maxine Bédat
  • “Just do it, go out there and try it. You are your harshest critic.” -Maxine Bédat

On Information as Power:

  • “You need anchors to keep you on track. Identify anchors, and learn financial literacy.”- Monica Mehta
  • Manisha Thakor, a Harvard Business School graduate who used to run a six million dollar company says, “There’s no dumb question.” The only way you learn is by asking questions and seeking questions. Knowledge is power!
  • “Information is power. One of the biggest road blocks is being shy. Be assertive and ask for information.” -Gail Cohen, Vice Chairman & General Trust COunsel at the Fiduciary Trust

On Wealth Management & Keeping a Budget:

The following is information and advice from Amanda Steinberg, Founder of DailyWorth:

  • Only 30% of Americans keep a budget.
  • Budgeting sets most people up to fail.
  • You don’t have to keep a budget the way traditional financial advisors tell you to.
  • The ultimate point of a budget is to save money, to not spend more money than you make, and to see how much your life costs.
  • Budgets are about financial freedom. Having boundaries on your spending can set you free. You get the most freedom by setting up gentle boundaries, i.e. focus on the outcome of your budget, which is learning how much you can spend? Figure out how much you spend on fixed expenses (rent, utilities, groceries) and how much you can spend on non-fixed expenses (that super cute new H&M bathing suit)?
  • The 50-20-30 rule- Spend 50% of your money on needs, save 20%  of your money, and spend 30% on wants. That’s the 90% rule.
  • Check out GoGirlFinance & Daily Worth for more actionable tips and tricks on how to manage your money.


Team FindSpark at the #SHESummit

What’s the #1 thing you do to support your well-being? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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