It’s not too late to find Summer 2014 Internship Housing!

So, you just scored an amazing summer internship- congrats! Now it is time to move on to the next challenge- searching for housing. Finding a cheap place to live in NYC for the summer is no easy task, and can be very time consuming.


The best place to start is by checking out summer housing at local colleges. Many of these do not require you to take a course in order to stay. The goal of the list below is to make it easier for those of you looking for reliable housing this summer. This list only includes school housing options for Summer 2014, however, it is important to know there are many other options, like finding an apartment through a broker, or finding a sublet. (P.S. Looking for an apartment and not student housing? Check this article out)

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A lot of questions one may ask while finding housing is what is the cheapest. It is hard to say what is cheapest or the best because a lot of that is based on your preferences- if you want to share housing, if you want a meal plan, if you want air conditioning, or even the location in proximity to your internship. Please note, this is not an advertisement for schools, it is 100% and completely made as a resource for you to help make this process easier.

Do you have any suggestions for those looking for housing, or have you secured a spot at one of these locations? Let us know in the comments!

STUDENT HOUSING: Educational Housing Services Dates: New Yorker & Marymount: June 1, 2014 – August 9, 2014

1760 & St. George Residences: June 1, 2014 – August 16, 2014


Includes: 24/7 security, key card entrance to rooms, air conditioning, refrigerator, cable TV in room, wireless high speed internet, unlimited phone service, laundry in building but not included, communal kitchen and lounges, gym. Prices are for the whole summer semester.

  1. New Yorker Residence- Single $5800. Large Single- $6100. Double $4550. Large Double- $5000. Deluxe Double- $5300. Lofted Triple- $3700. Deluxe Lofted Triple- $4000.
  2. 1760 Third Avenue- Single w/ Kitchen $5950. Double $4300. Double w/ Kitchen $5000. Triple $4000.
  3. Marymount Manhattan- Single $6800. Double $4200. Large Double $4500.
  4. St. George Clark- Single $5800. Double $4250. Large Double $4700. Triple $3850. Lofted Triple $3600. Large Triple $4050.
  5.  St George Residence- Double $4200. Lofted Triple $3800. 6) St George Weller- Single $4900. Double $4000. Triple $3550.

What makes it special: EHS does a great job of trying to plan events for those staying in housing as a way to meet new people. I have stayed at the New Yorker for a semester and it is a prime location- you get to be right in the middle of everything and right across from MSG! Also, the 24 hour diner downstairs and living in a hotel is pretty cool, too. It was also really nice being not even a block away from the subway.

SCHOOL: FIT Dates For interns: May 26- August 8, 2014. Website:

  1. FOR INTERNS: Kaufman Hall. $3750 shared apartment, $5966 single apartment. Suites are single, double, triple, and quad apartments.
  2. FOR THOSE TAKING SUMMER CLASSES AT FIT: Alumni Hall- $2597 shared, $4296 single. Shared common area and bathroom.

Includes: air conditioning, kitchens and private bathrooms, 24/7 security, fitness center, wireless internet, cable television, lounge, and laundry in building but not included.

What makes it special: FIT is in the center of the fashion district. It is extremely trendy and  is in a prime location near the flatiron. Also, they have a really cool museum right on campus if you are into fashion!

School: NYU *Please Note: Only accepting students who will be taking a course at NYU this summer. June 1st check in is no longer available.

Dates available: May 26- August 16. Includes: Athletic facilities, campus cable, wireless internet, laundry in building but not included, library access, mail, health center access, and maintenance, 24/7 security.Website:

  1. Resident Halls: Meal plan REQUIRED.  Rubin Hall:  Double/Triple $181, Single $246. NOT air conditioned meal plan REQUIRED. 2) Goddhard Hall and Brittany Hall Double/Triple $290. Air conditioned, meal plan REQUIRED.
  2. Apartment Style: Air conditioned, meal plan NOT required. 1) Double/Triple: Broome Street, Carlyle Court, Coral Tower, Greenwich Hotel, Lafayette Street, Third Avenue North $312. Air conditioned. 2) Single: Alumni Hall, Broome Street, Coral Tower, Lafayette Street, Second Street, Third Avenue North, Greenwich Hotel $394. Air conditioned. 3) Double/Triple Gramercy Green, Palladium Hall. $219. Air conditioned. *Palladium and Gramercy are only offered to NYU affiliated residents only. Meal Plan Cost: $130- 8 meals and 30 dining dollars $140- 10 meals and 30 dining dollars $160- 12 meals and 30 dining dollars.

What makes it special: NYU has so many housing options and is a great place to stay if you are looking to meet people! I stayed in NYU housing during a summer and loved the proximity to Washington Square Park- it was always nice to sit in the park by the fountain after a stressful day. Not to mention, there are so many amazing food options within walking distance in the West Village. The subway was only a block or two away.

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT:  (You can try the wait-list, though!)

SCHOOL: SVA Website:

  1. Ludlow- May 25-August 9: Single- $4000. Double $3250 per person. May 25- August 17: Single- $4400. Double- $3500 per person. May 18-August 9: Single- $4400. Double- $3500 per person. May 18-August 17: Single- $4600. Double- $3700 per person.
  2. George Washington- May 25- August 9: Single $3700. Small Single $3375. Double- $2900 per person.
  3. Gramercy- May 25- August 9: 1 person studio apartment- $6600. 4 Person Apartment w/ 2 per room- $3,900 per person.

Includes: 24/7 security, wifi, internet, cable, air conditioning, refrigerators, private bathrooms, free laundry facilities, recreation rooms, live-in staff, mail, kitchen facilities.

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT:  (You can try the wait-list, though!)

SCHOOL: THE NEW SCHOOL Dates- June 1- August 9, 2014. Website:

  1. Stuyvesant Park or Loeb Hall- Double/Triple $3,000.
  2. Kerrey Hall- Double $3,300
  3. Loeb Hall- Single $3,600
  4. Stuyvesant Park- Large Single $4,000

Includes: Air conditioning, kitchenettes, high speed internet, cable TV jacks, 24/7 security, lounges, laundry and mailboxes, art studios and common spaces.

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT:  (You can try the wait-list, though!)


  1. 5 week term: June 29-August 2, 2014. Single room- $1769.
  2. 7 week term: June 8- July 26, 2014 or June 15- August 2, 2014. Single- $2468. Double- $1916.
  3. 9 week term: June 1- August 2, 2014. Single- $3160. Double- $2478.

Includes: gym membership.

SCHOOL: LIM Website: Dates: June-August. *Must email for info:


  1. Large single room- $1950.
  2. Single room- $1850
  3. Double room- $1,650 per person
  4. Small double room- $1,450 per person

Again, congratulations! If you are in NYC for the summer, now is a great time to upgrade to a Premium Membership and attend our exclusive FindSpark events as well as general member programs. The summer is packed with great opportunities and workshops to network and improve your skills. Check out some the upcoming dates:


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