Learn How to Manage People Without Prior Experience from TEKsystems Lead Recruiters

As a sneak-peek into Advance & Thrive: An Interactive Professional Development Night with TEKsystems, we interviewed TEKsystems Recruiter Leads, Magdaleny Soberanis-Depaz and Danielle Belpedio, for an insight into their workshop “How I Learned to Manage People with No Prior Experience.”

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Can you speak to your own experience about how you personally learned to manage people with no experience?

Magdaleny: I think my experience started before the role was officially given to me, it started at my recruiter’s seat. You’re doing a lot of that stuff in your chair before you start managing and leading other recruiters. You kind of learn the job first. 

We also help each other out in the office. It’s a community here at TEK. If you see a recruiter that is struggling, your first instinct, based on our core values, is to help that recruiter out. 

The cool thing about being a recruiter lead, given the title, is that coaching and developing other recruiters is a part of your responsibility. The whole community helps out to make sure a recruiter is successful in the role. 

What exactly is “recruiting?”

Magdaleny: I didn’t know anything about recruiting coming into it. I don’t think anyone grows up thinking they want to be a recruiter. Recruiters are the back curtain, the people that are making it happen for those potential candidates that are entering the workforce. In this case, our workforce is the information technology industry. We’re dealing with all sorts of skill sets, all sorts of projects, clients, industries, and just really understanding candidates’ skills, goals, and interests, until we match them up with the right opportunity. In a nutshell, we’re like matchmakers.

Being a recruiter is not just managing recruiters, but it’s also managing the IT talent, providing them performance feedback, working with their manager, ensuring the time cards are being sent out on time, etc.

It seems like there is room to move up in your company, what is it like working at a place that you actually do have room to move up?

Danielle: What really drew me to TEKsystems was the “promote from within” model. Whether it be the directors in our company or some of the managers in our office, we all started in this recruiter chair, which as a new college grad gave me a lot of hope and motivation that I could move up at my first job. I didn’t think I would move up so quickly, honestly, but that’s pretty valuable and exciting for me straight out of college. What’s great here is they give you the autonomy to do things outside of your job description from your recruiter chair. What you do in your chair can help you get that promotion sooner.

What would you say to young people who are being asked to do things outside of their job description, maybe outside their comfort zone? How can that help them, what advice would you give them?

Magdaleny: I know myself, I always know that wherever I go, I’m always going to be more involved than what my job title says. Every organization has a culture, and I always have this in mind, “don’t just suck the juice out of the culture, be a participant of that culture.” Find out what your peers are reading or find out if your leadership is listening to a podcast. You’ve got to be really good at networking. That means starting within your office and branching out to everything else. If you can get this networking and relationship building internally on top, you’re going to be good outside of the office as well.

Danielle: In your day to day, find something that you feel most passionate about in your job. For me, that was helping people, helping the people around me. Figure out what that is and run with it. Run with the things you feel passionate about and if you’re working at a great organization I think leadership will admire that.

What should we expect to see from your workshop?

Magdaleny: The workshop that Danielle and I are leading will tell our story coming out of college and working our first corporate job. Now that we both have moved up and are managing people, we’re going to talk a little about that. We’ll talk about the challenges, how Danielle is learning to become a manager, and I’ll talk about what I’ve learned in the last year and a half about managing different people, styles of working, and personalities. It will definitely be about how we are learning to manage new recruiters when this is their first corporate job.

You can learn more about the TEKsystems Technical Recruiter roles at https://jobs.findspark.com/employers/117550-teksystems. You can also meet Danielle and Magdaleny at Advance & Thrive: An Interactive Professional Development Night with TEKsystems on October 16th, 2019.

Request your free invite at findspark.com/career-night-with-teksystems.

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